Camms.Strategy is a corporate performance planning and integrated management software that offers a single system for strategic, corporate, business and service level planning linked to budgets and performance measures (KPIs and scorecards).

Camms.Strategy provides users with performance information at any level of the planning, organisational and custom hierarchies and consolidates KPIs in a way that is easy to view and update.

It provides organisations with a corporate view of departmental and group performance using balanced scorecards, dashboards and traffic light views while encouraging collaboration through a sophisticated online chat portal. The system also allows flexible reporting at various accountability points in a number of different formats.

Note: This document uses default CAMMS terminology, settings and configurations. Terminology, configurations, settings and customisations may differ in your environment.

Camms.Strategy is a web based system accessed via Internet Explorer/ Chrome/ Microsoft Edge.

Key benefits

  • Full integration of your organisation’s planning requirements across, up and down
  • A single platform that streamlines the updating of planning and corporate performance data
  • Conceptually superior metrics, scorecard and dashboard functionalities
  • Comprehensive helicopter view of data
  • Easy to use updating capabilities that facilitate staff involvement and ownership
  • Extensive options, templates and formats for mobile reporting 
  • Unique planning rollover capabilities that are critical for implementation success
  • Established data linkages to CAMMS self-service BI tool
  • Fully integrated with all CAMMS products
  • Improved transparency and accountability
  • User friendly interface

Key functionalities

  • An embedded flexible, tailored and configurable planning and performance management framework
  • Performance measures, dashboards and scorecards which are easy to develop
  • Fully automated email alert system
  • User friendly interface for updating of actions, tasks and performance indicators
  • Full on-screen exception reporting
  • Flexible reporting environment including tailored and specialized reports
  • Application of a lean methodology, linked to stakeholder needs and area outcomes
  • Drill down capability to analyze outliers at a micro level
  • Powerful helicopter views of performance against organisation, planning, and custom defined hierarchies
  • Executive Intelligence dashboards of performance data

This document uses the default CAMMS terminology and settings. The terminology used in your environment may differ. The Administrator may also customise these settings to suit the organisational requirements.

Logging In 

To access Camms.Strategy, follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Open Internet Explorer or Chrome > Type the URL* into the address bar > Hit ENTER.

*Your organisation details are supplied by your Administrator as it differs from organisation to organisation.

Cloud URLs:
Asia/Pacific Region

Live – https://interplan.cammanagementsolutions.com.au

Demo – http://interplandemo.cammanagementsolutions.com.au

UK Region

Live – https://interplan.cammanagementsolutions.co.uk

Demo – http://interplandemo.cammanagementsolutions.co.uk

North American Region

Live – https://interplan.cammanagementsolutions.ca

Demo –- http://interplandemo.cammanagementsolutions.ca

Note: Add this link to your favourites or bookmarks for easy access.
  • STEP 2: Enter the login details.

First time users to the system need to type in the organisation ID, username, and password. The login information is supplied by the System Administrator.


  • When specifying a password, do not use the following characters, as this may cause potential harm to the functionality of the system:
    • < – lesser than character
    • > greater than character, if a lesser than sign is not used prior to it
    • & ampersand character
    • "" double quotes
    • +,-,% characters found in program code
    • <script> tags (or any tags)
    • space, tab space, and new line characters (\n)
    • non-ASCII characters
  • Tick the ‘REMEMBER ME’ option to record the organisation ID and username on the PC used to access the system. At the next login, only the user password needs to be entered if this option is selected. Please note that whenever a session expires, timed out users are redirected back to the login page.
  • STEP 3: Click 'Login' to access the system after performing the data entry.

Forgot password

  • STEP 1: If you forget your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link. Then, you will be re-directed to the password reset page. User would be able to reset the password using Organisation and either username or email.
  • STEP 2: Enter your organisation name and either your email address or username according to your preference. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to receive instructions on how to reset your password.

Single Sign- on:

CAMMS has the ability to setup Single Sign On (SSO) for your cloud environment. This means that your staff will only have to login once through their PC and access the solution through a specific link, which leads straight to their home page without having to log in for the second time.

Please contact CAMMS If you would like further information or to have this setup for you.

Self Hosted:

If you are Self Hosted, you can setup authentication to either be Windows (SSO) or Forms (Login page). Your login links will also be specific to your server that you are hosting the solution.

Note: Users who login to Camms products via Internet Explorer will now be notified with a message as a warning that their experience would not be optimal, and will opt to switch to one of the recommended browsers – Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.