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Top Navigation Panel

The top navigation panel will be visible throughout the application and will include:

1. Camms.Project logo: The product logo is placed at the top left-hand corner.

2. Organisation logo/name: Next to the product logo, your organisation logo and name are displayed.

Note: An administrator can edit this in Camms.Strategy under Menu > Framework > Client Details. You can upload a picture of the logo and enter the name of the organisation here.

3. Home: Clicking the 'home' icon will navigate you to the Home Page configured under Your image icon > My Settings > Landing Page area.

4. Favourite: The 'favourite' icon is available in most pages within the Camms.Project product to add a page as a favourite for easy access under the 'Favourites' menu item.

  • Clicking the 'favourite' icon will open the ‘Save as favourite...’ popup window, to enter the name of the page you want to add as a 'Favourite'.
    View the list of favourite pages from the navigation menu under Menu > Favourites, as shown below. Click on any of the listed menu items to navigate directly to the related section in the application.

5. Main Menu: The main menu for Camms.Project will be displayed once you click on this icon to navigate within Camms.Project.

6. Product Menu: Navigate to other Camms products activated for your organisation via this menu.

7. Support: The support menu will display the following options:

  • About Us  Navigate to the Camms.Project About Us page with version details.
  • Support  Navigate to the online support portal: CAMMS Online Support Portal
  • User Guide – Access the Camms.Project user guide here.

8. Your image: Your name, designation, image, and number of alerts will be displayed in this menu item. Click the image menu to access the following options:

  • My Settings – Navigate to the My Settings page.
  • Alerts – Refer the section 'Project Hub – Discussion Tab' under section Chat Messaging Panel for more details on Alerts.
  • Sign Out – Click on this menu option to sign out from the Camms.Project web-application.

Quick Navigation Menu

The Quick Navigation menu is available across Camms.Project. If you are within a Quick Navigation page, then it will be highlighted in white (e.g. in the screenshot below, the user is in the Project Register page). Hover your cursor over an icon to display a tooltip of the name of the page.

The following options will be available via the quick navigation menu:

  • Add New Project Create new projects, duplicate existing projects, or open and existing project here.

  • Project Hub – Navigate to the Project Hub from here.

  • Quick Update – Navigate to the My Quick Update page from here.

  • Project Register – Navigate to the Project Register from here.

  • Resource Manager – Navigate to the Resource Manager page from here.

  • Reports Navigate to the Report Explorer page from here.

Home Page Overview

By default, the 'Project Register' page is set as the default home page. However, you can change the home page from the Your image icon > My Settings > Landing Page > Home Page  area.

  • The Project Register page displays the entire project list of the organisation, by default. This view can be customised as per your requirements. For more information on the Project Register, please refer the Project Register article.

Common Icons

The following icons are used throughout the Camms.Project system:


Save icon to save a record


Spell checker icon to check spellings


Refreshes the current page


Edit icon to edit an item


Delete icon to delete an item


Move up/ Move down icons to move items one level up or down


Set permission icon to setup permissions


View/Edit icon to view or edit an item


Chat icon to open the Project Hub - Discussion tab, Chat Messaging panel

History icon to view an audit trail of changes made to a particular page and by whom the change was made

Print icon to print the current page/record

Current period/Next period icons to navigate between periods

Calendar icon to open up the calendar

Complete icon to let you mark an object as complete

Email icon to send an email

Incomplete icon to let you mark an object as incomplete

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