Top Navigation Panel

The top banner of Camms.Project consists of the following options:

  • Camms.Project Logo: Product logo is placed on top left-hand corner.
  • Organisation Logo/Name: Next to the product logo, your organisation logo and name are displayed. These can be edited within  Framework > Details section in Camms.Strategy. You can upload a picture of the logo and enter the name of the organisation.
  • Home: Clicking the 'Home' icon will navigate you to the home page configured from My Settings > Landing Page area
  • Favourite: The 'Favourite' icon is available in most areas within Camms.Project, except the following: Inside a project life cycle, Framework area and Project Settings area.          

Clicking the 'Favourite' icon will open ‘Make as Favorite’ pop-up, allowing you to enter the name of the screen you would like to add as a 'favourite'.
You can view the list of 'favourite' items from the navigation menu as shown below. Click on any of the listed items to quickly navigate to related sections in the application.     

  • Navigation within Camms.Project: The Camms.Project menu will be displayed once you click on this icon.
  • Product navigation: You can navigate to other activated Camms products.
  • Support: Drop-down menu will be displayed with following options :
  • Support portal Navigate to online CAMMS Online Support Portal
  • About us Navigate to About Us page
  • Help – View Camms.Project user guide
  • Your details: By default, your name, designation, image and number of alerts will be displayed.
    Click the image to open a dropdown with the following options:
  • My Settings – Navigate to 'My Settings' page.
  • Alerts – Refer to the Discussion Forum section for more details on Alerts.
  • Sign Out – Sign out from the system.

Quick Navigation Menu

Quick Navigation is available across the application. If you are within a quick navigation page, then it will be highlighted in white (i.e. as per the screenshot below, the user is in the Project Hub area. Hence, the Hub icon is highlighted in white). Hover over an icon and a tool-tip will be displayed against it as shown below.

You will be able to navigate to the following options from the quick navigation menu:

  • Add New

  • Project Hub

  • Quick Update

  • Project Register

  • Dashboard

  • Resource Manager

  • Reports

Home Page Overview

'Project Register' page is set as the default homepage. However, you can change the homepage from the 'My Settings > Landing Page > Home Page'  area.  

The project register page displays the entire project list of organisation by default. The view can be customised as per your requirements.

For more information on the project register page, please refer the Project Register article.