It is important every organisation manages the events in which losses, damages, and injuries can occur.

Camms.Risk Incident will allow you to report actual incidents and near misses as they occur, conduct investigations, determine their impact and monitor them until the case is closed.

With our iOS and Android apps for Incident, you will always have the right information you need at your fingertips – whether you’re on site, at home or in transit.

Our apps also allow you to report an incident right away – and with a click of a button you can record all the details, and even add a picture of the scene captured on your phone.

We make it easy for your organisation to learn from experience.

Logging In

Camms.Risk Incident is a web based system accessed via Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

  • STEP 1: Open your internet browser, type the URL into the address bar and hit enter. Please contact CAMMS on what URL has been setup for your organisation as they may differ depending on region and setup. 
  • STEP 2: First time users to the system need to type in the organisation name, username, and password. The login information is supplied by the System Administrator.
    Organisation Name: Please contact your system administrator for the organisation name.
Note: When specifying a password, do not use the following characters, as this may cause potential harm to the functionality of the system:
  • < – lesser than character
  • > greater than character, if a lesser than sign is not used prior to it
  • & ampersand character
  • "" double quotes
  • +,-,% characters found in program code
  • <script> tags (or any tags)
  • space, tab space, and new line characters (\n)
  • non-ASCII characters
  • STEP 3: Click the 'Login' button.
Note: If you have Single Sign On (SSO) configured, you will not need to login via this screen – your unique URL will take you into your environment so you don’t need to login. However you may still access the environment off site through the normal URL/Username and Password.