The ‘My Settings’ page lets you change your password, as well as configure some user specific settings. To access the My Settings page, go to Menu > Workspace > My Settings.

Change Password

The change password feature lets you change your password without having to go through the Administrator. To change your password:

  • STEP 1: Click the 'Change Password' button.

  • STEP 2: Enter your current password.
  • STEP 3: Enter a new password and confirm the new password.
  • STEP 4: Click the 'Save' button.
Note: When you have Single Sign On (SSO) via your Active Directory, you will not need to change your password.


  • Risk Graph: Lets you to change the risk graphs from the old graph 'static graph' or the new 'interactive' graph. This impacts the graphs within the EIS area only. It is recommended to keep the interactive graphs as they provide more functionality.
  • Home Page: Lets you change your risk home page defaults in the workspace. This can be set to either one of the following:
    • My Quick Update
    • Risk Register (with the option to select which one among Strategic Risk Register, Operational Risk Register, Project Risk Register, Corporate Risk Register, or Control Register)
    • Executive Intelligence
    • Risk Analysis
    • Audit
    • Incident
    • Compliance 
    • Dashboard (if set, this will only be applicable if you have permissions to view the dashboard)

Save your changes by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Note: This is a personal setting where individual users can pick their own homepage; the selection won't affect the homepage of other users.