The Administration area allows you to manage your staff, organisation structure, user log ins (for Camms.Risk standalone only), as well as your configuration and settings.

You can access the Administration menu through the top navigation menu.


*This is only for Camms.Risk standalone clients (i.e. you do not have Camms.Strategy to manage these).

The Users menu area is where you manage your staff logins.

Note: You must ensure that you setup your staff through the Administration > Staff area prior to setting up the logins since you need to give the staff record to the login.

User List

*This is only for Camms.Risk standalone clients (i.e. you do not have Camms.Strategy to manage these).

The User List is a viewing area once you have setup your logins within the manage users screen. This area displays the usernames, salutations, linked staff, organisational links, the number of times each user has logged in and the active/inactive state of the users. Clicking on the hyperlinked username will take you to the Manage Users screen.

Manage Users

*This is only for Camms.Risk standalone clients (i.e. you do not have Camms.Strategy to manage these).

The Manage Users area is used to manage user accounts including their access details and security permissions.

The user accounts are created after adding staff members via the Staff screen.

  • STEP 1: To access the Manage users area, navigate to Users > Manage Users.
    The Manage Users area displays all your current system users along the left side of the screen.

  • STEP 2: To create a new user click on the 'New’ button.
  • STEP 3: Type in a username and welcome salutation. Consider using the same naming protocol as in your network. This saves users from having to remember more than one username.
Note: Your Active Directory SSO can ensure a universal logon for your users.
  • STEP 4: Select a security role for a user. You can select a combination of security roles for a user, however the highest security level will override the lower levels. If one role allows you permission to carry out a certain action and another role doesn’t, the user WILL be allowed to carry out that action. 
Note: See section Security and Staff Management for more information on user group/role permissions.
  • STEP 5: Select the name of the staff member from the 'Linked Staff' drop down list. The linked staff member must be the same person as you are setting up the login for which is set up within the Staff area. This linkage allows the system to recognise the user and display the homepage responsibilities correctly.
  • STEP 6: Define a password and set the user as Active by ticking the box. Inactive users will not appear in Staff lists throughout the system.
Note: When specifying a password, do not use the following characters, as this may cause potential harm to the functionality of the system:
  • < – lesser than character
  • greater than character, if a lesser than sign is not used prior to it
  • ampersand character
  • ""  double quotes
  • +,-,%  characters found in program code
  • <script>  tags (or any tags)
  • space, tab space, and new line characters (\n)
  • non-ASCII characters
  • STEP 7: Click the 'Save' button to save details.
Note: The staff Organisational link within staff will determine what areas of the Org Hierarchy they will have access to edit, etc.  If they are a Manager or Director.

Staff Grouping

*This is only for Camms.Risk standalone clients (i.e. you do not have Camms.Strategy to manage these).

The ‘Staff Grouping’ area is where staff can be linked to or unlinked from the organisational structure. Staff grouping linking will also factor in your Security if you are a Business Unit Manager or Director.

For example, a Business Unit Manager has the ability to edit details in their Business Unit only. To determine the Business Unit, the staff member must be linked to their Business Unit within the Organisational Structure.

  • STEP 1: To access the staff grouping, go to Users > Staff Grouping. The organisational tree is shown on the left hand side of the screen.
    The staff listed on the right hand side of the screen are those that are currently unlinked.

  • STEP 2: To view the linked staff members, click the relevant level from the organisational hierarchy. 
    Drill down the tree to Business Unit level by clicking on the expand  button:
  • STEP 3: To link a staff member, first select the organisational level you want to link them to.
  • STEP 4: Then drag the staff member you wish to link to that Business Unit and drop it to the center.
    A dotted line will appear when you have positioned the item in the correct location, at which point, release the mouse button to create the link.
Note: You can also link staff to the relevant organisational level via the Staff area.
  • STEP 5: Click 'REMOVE' to unlink any staff member from the selected organisational hierarchy. The 'unlinked' staff member is then displayed on the right side of the screen.

Note: The above permission related content is for when you have the static security permission framework. If you have the flexible security permission framework please refer to the Administration – Role Management article for more details.