The homepage can be personalised to show only planning information that is related to you. This can be set to either My performance, My Quick Update or the Executive Intelligence based on the preference. You may configure this through Workspace > My Settings. Otherwise, My Quick Update will be loaded as the homepage by default.

If you find that your responsibilities are not shown on your home page, then speak with your systems Administrator to confirm whether the correct staff member is linked to your login. This is further detailed in the Administration section > Users > Manage Users page.

If you find that your responsibilities are not showing on your home page, then speak with your Systems Administrator to confirm that the correct staff member is linked to your login. This is verified under the Administration section > Users > Manage Users.

Welcome Panel

Once you navigate to Camms.Strategy, you will see the default loading page with your organisation logo on the top left corner next to the product logo. Your name and job title with a photo will be displayed on the top right corner.

Header Panel

  • Camms.Strategy logo: product logo is placed on top left hand corner.
  • Organisation logo/name: next to product logo, your organisation logo and name are displayed. These can be edited within Camms.Strategy Framework > Details section. You can upload a picture and enter the name.
  • Home: clicking the home icon will navigate you to the home page configured from My Settings > Landing Page area.
  • Favourite: favourite icon is available in most areas within Camms.Strategy:

Clicking the favorite icon will open ‘Make as Favourite’ pop-up, allowing you to enter the name of the screen you would like to favourite.

You can view the list of favourite items from 'Workspace' menu area. Click on any of the listed items to quickly navigate to related sections in the application.

5. Mega menu: refer section #2 of this chapter for further details.

6. Product navigation: refer to CAMMS products navigation menu.

7. Support: drop-down menu will be displayed with following support options:

  • Support portal – navigate to online CAMMS Online Support Portal
  • About us – navigate to about us page.
  • Help – view Camms.Strategy user guide. 

 8. Your details: by default, your name, designation, image and number of alerts will be displayed.

  • My Settings – navigate to 'My Settings' page.
  • Alerts – discussion alerts which has been pointed to logged in user.
  • Sign Out – Sign out from the system.

Mega Menu Navigation

The mega menu will direct you to the main functional areas in the system. Click on the strategy navigation icon highlighted below in order to navigate to this area.

Please note that Menu items will be adjusted as per user permissions. Therefore, you might/might not see the full menu. Contact your Administrator if you require access

  • The Workspace menu gives you the options to navigate to any alternative homepage and to other pages such as My Quick Update, My Workspace, My Reports,  Executive Intelligence System, Executive Portal, Strategy Map, and My Settings.
  • The Framework area is the area where we set up the key organization data. This area provides the source data for other areas. This will be set up by your System Administrator but can be viewed by all users.
  • The Planning area is the key component of the database for storing your planning information.
  • The Custom Hierarchies area provides you with the option to define hierarchies according to your requirements. Note that this is not a standard function and that it can only be enabled if separately purchased. Please contact CAMMS for more information.
  • The Reporting area is where you can go to produce a myriad of reports from all planning levels.
  • The Tools can be used to access the financial integration area (if you have purchased that module), the quick search menu, the Executive module and the Rollover functionality (only if you are a user with executive privileges).
  • The Administration area is visible only to the users who have admin privileges.  It contains system data, like Users, Email configuration, System Planning Configuration, and Settings.
  • The Favorites will allow users to mark their favorite pages.

Side Navigation

The side bar navigation contains specific icons for all of the main areas of Camms.Strategy.

Every page in the system contains the side navigation bar, which allows easy access to all the pages in the system, from any page, using drop-down menus.

  • The  button will allow you to add New Action/KPI by simply clicking on the icon. It'll prompt end user a new interface either to create a new Action or a KPI.
  • Navigating to the Quick Update page can be done by clicking on the Pencil icon. The Quick Update screen is personalized to show your related information as an individual user.
  • The Quick Search icon allows you to search through actions, tasks or KPIs. Clicking on one of the given options will direct you to the relevant Quick Search page where you can use the provided filters to search through and retrieve the required details.
  • The Executive Portal  allows you to navigate directly to any of the following areas in the system; Executive Portal, My Workspace, My Settings or My Reports.
  • The Strategy Map can be accessed by clicking on the EIS/ Strategy Map icon. Note that the Executive Intelligence homepage and any executive tool are available only if you are a user with executive privileges.
  • The Navigation Pad allows easy access to view the overall repository of Goals, Outcomes, Strategies and Actions.
  • Reportsallows you to navigate to the area where you can produce a myriad of reports from all planning levels.

Common Icons

There are buttons and/or icons at the top of the screen in each of the pages which the users are authorized to access. These are used for different purposes such as; navigating between records, saving or deleting records, or viewing history.


New Record 

Automatically directs the user to a new blank record.


Deletes the current record.


Saves the completed record. A record must be saved before you proceed to the next record or any data input on that screen will be lost.  The ‘Save’ button will be invisible if you are unable to edit the record.

View History 

Displays a pop-up window showing records as to when changes were made. It only displays records within the current reporting period.

Previous / Next Record 

Transfers you to the previous or to the next record in the selection respectively. Used to scroll through records.


Closes the current record


Performs a spell check of the current record. Can add or amend words through the popup window that appears when you click on the icon


Enables the current record to be edited


Expands the filtering menu displaying the filtering options available


An email popup window will be displayed once you click on this icon. You can send an email with regard to the relevant record to the user IDs available in the system or to manually added email addresses


Displays the chart available for the relevant subject. Further details are available in the KPI section


Allows to expand an individual record


Allows to collapse an individual record


Opens the discussion forum from which comments and notifications can be sent to individuals if necessary

Task Grid 

Displays a quick update pop-up window with tasks and subtasks linked to the relevant record through which you can update the progress comments, status, and the completed percentage.

Excel Export 

Exports the data into an Excel sheet