This interface (Administration > Reassign Staff Responsibilities) assists System Administrators to easily shift responsibilities among the staff members. Responsibility shifts may either happen in bulk or for individual responsibility. 

The following responsibilities have been identified and can be reassigned among staff members where necessary.


Corporate Risk Action
Risk Control Owner
Task Responsible Officer
Risk Control Rating Staff
KPI Responsible Officer
Strategic Risk Control Action
KPI Reporting Officer
Operational Risk Control Action
KPI Node Responsible Officer
Staff RO
Project Board
Project Task
Project Task Board
Project Resource
Issue Action
Issue Decision
Staff Billing Rate
Project Attachments
Project Risk
Audit Detail
Strategic Risk
Audit Staff
Operational Risk
Audit Recommendation RO
WHS Risk
Project Signoff Workflow Staff
Operational Risk Review
Project Risk Action
Incident Action
Strategic Risk Action
Time Entry Signoff
Operational Risk Action

View Responsibilities

Select the staff from the 'Responsibilities From' section. The assigned responsibilities will be listed below the selection.

Use the 'Filter Responsibilities' search option to filter out the responsibilities. If end-user types Action in the search box, only the actions would be filtered out within the list.

Reassign Responsibilities

The reassignment of responsibilities is two-fold:
  • Individual Reassignment
    Each responsibility can be reassigned to a specified staff member. The responsibilities will be reassigned one by one.

The made selections' status would be updated to 'Pending to Save' status:

  • Bulk Reassignment
    All the assigned responsibilities or a type of assigned responsibilities (I.e. only the actions) can be reassigned via this option. Once after the bulk assignment staff member is selected, 'Select Responsibility Types' dropdown list will be enabled to select the required responsibility type. This will be a dynamic list that will be based on the responsibilities of the current staff.

The selections' status would be updated to 'Pending to Save' status:

Once after the respective changes are made, press on the save button to go ahead and reassign the responsibilities. The user would be prompted for the confirmation; once confirmed, responsibilities will be assigned. If the transference is successful, the status would be changed to 'Successfully Transferred'; if unsuccessful, the status would be changed to 'Fail to Transfer'.