Key Concepts

  • Workflow: A "Workflow" defines the series of phases involved in managing a project. This is configured by Project Administrator according to the organisational requirements and contains phases from the initial idea concept of a project, through to project completion and review.

Multiple workflows can be created. However, each workflow must be assigned to a Project Type in order to select it for a project. (Refer: Workflow Linking)

  • Phase: Each workflow may consists of a series of Phases - the major areas involved in managing the project. It is mandatory to have at least one phase in a workflow.

  • Object: Within each phase, there may be a number of objects, which are the key steps involved in completing the phase. Each object performs a unique function. Please refer 'Objects' section for more information.

  • Sign Off: Some phases may require one or more Sign Offs. A sign off points to the Sign Off Authority to provide an authorisation to continue the project.

  • Sign Off Authority: The Sign Off Authority is the decision maker who sign off a project phase. The responsible person(s) can choose to Approve, Reject or even Defer a sign off request.

  • Project Type: The IPM Administrator setups the project types according to organisational business requirements and assign each type to a particular workflow (Refer: Project Type Configuration).

  • When creating a new project, the 'Project Type' setting defines the workflow to be followed in order to complete the project.