This object includes the termination process for a particular project.

Terminate sign off object will be included in the project position permission configuration area for the administrator to configure which position can submit (can edit) for approval and who has the permission to authorise (can finish/sign off). All the permissions applied in other standard sign offs will be applied here as well.

An Administrator will be able to configure the permission based on the object per workflow.

When the ‘Terminate Project’ object is included in a workflow, then in the project view, ‘Terminate’ button  will be displayed.

Clicking on the ‘Terminate’ button will open a message.  If confirmation is  given (by clicking ‘OK’) then the user will be navigated to the ‘Terminate project sign off object’.

When the termination sign off is ‘Approved’, project status will be automatically changed to Terminate and the field will be greyed out in non-editable mode. If the terminate is re-open , then status will be revert back.