Project Hub Overview

The Project Hub is the central location which displays projects relevant to the logged in user (mainly for Project Managers to do the project activities within one area). This provides you with a central hub to undertake key project related activities such as  to view key Project Activities, Project History, Quick Updates such as tasks, risks, issues, estimated budgets, approvals, document uploads and project summary details. This area also has the Project Current Schedule, Actual Budgets and Project Dashboards.

Search functionality is provided to filter the projects and summary details of each project is displayed when selecting a project to view further details.

Left Side Panel Functionality

This area displays the projects based on filters. From this section, you can navigate to areas such as Quick Update, etc. 

Project Search

You can search for an existing project using the advanced search criteria. There are options for you to save a particular set of search criteria as a template for later use or to set an existing search template as default.

Show My Projects/Show All Projects

This option will be shown to you if you have IPM Administrator, Project Manager or Project Creator permissions.

By default, the slider bar is set to ‘Show My Projects’. If you change the slider to the other side, All Projects in the system will be displayed.

 Project Display

Project display results are based on the Project Search results and Show My projects/Show All projects slider bar as explained above.

Following Project Details are displayed in each tile. Refer image below:

  • Project Code (1)
  • Project Name (2)
  • Budget with the Performance Icon (3)
  • Project progress and performance (4)

Projects are ordered by their ‘Project Code’. When a project is selected, it will be highlighted as shown below.

At the bottom of the screen, the total number of projects will be displayed.


This area does not have paging. Projects will load as you scroll down within the project display section.

Using the collapse option, you will be able to collapse the entire left hand panel (refer below image).

Project Overview and Life Cycle

Title of the project is displayed on top. If you click on the title, you will be navigated to Project Detail screen.

Project Life cycle:

o   Project Workflow Phase Names are listed.

o   Phases that are signed off will be green in colour with a   sign preceding their names.

o   Current Phase is displayed in blue.

o   Phases that comes after the current phase are shown in grey colour.  

o   Phases are not clickable.

In addition to the title of the project and the project lifecycle, the following information is also available;

  • Project Owner:  Your Name and Image will be displayed along with the designation.
  • Project Type
  • Project Start Date and Project Completion dates.
  • Status (Open, Closed or Upcoming): The field name shown here can be configured by the administrator via Project Settings > Project Register View page

Functionalities available in Project Hub

The users can implement the following actions for the selected projects via the tabs which are available below the project's lifecycle(highlighted in the image above) in the Project Hub.  

  1. Project quick update
  2. Update project preliminary budget
  3. Update project task plan/schedule
  4. Update project risks, risk actions and risk controls
  5. Update incidents
  6. Update project issues, actions and decisions
  7. View project actual budget
  8. Update project documents
  9. View and approve project sign off requests
  10. View project activities
  11. Conduct project discussions
  12. View project dashboards
  13. View project history
  14. View child projects
  15. Log a change request

The tabs that should be shown in the Project Hub and the tab that should be displayed by default when the user accesses the Project Hub can be configured via My Settings page.