This tab displays the current Task Planning object of the selected project.

1. Displays comments received for the particular Task. Click the icon to view existing comments and add new comments.

2. Perform a keyword search for Task Name to locate a particular Task. Once typed, click on ‘Filter’ button. Alternatively, you can view Tasks which are of your responsibility by clicking ‘Filter My Tasks’.

3. Switch to Kanban View (see article Task Planning for more details on the Gantt chart and Kanban board)

4. Save updated Task details

5. Add New Task

6. Delete a Task

7. Indent selected Task

8. Outdent selected Task

9. Full-screen view

10. More Options

The following actions will be displayed when the user clicks on the 'More Options' icon.

  • Move Selected Task Up
  • Move Selected Task Down
  • Scale to Fit – Fit the time range to window
  • Show/Hide Critical Paths
  • Baseline the selected Task.
  • Print
  • Export Task Details
  • Full View
  • Table View
  • Chart View
  • Year View
  • Month View
  • Week View