• Configuration tab will allow you to have the multiple dashboard option on your dashboard application.


  • You can choose the layout, to view the Multiple Dashboards on your dashboard application by selecting the required option either ‘Carousel’ or ‘Dropdown’ from the ‘Multiple Dashboard Layout’ dropdown, where the Dashboard view will differ according to the selected layout. 

Note:  Multiple dashboard Layout field will be available through an internal setting. This field will be visible in the configuration tab only if the setting is switched on from the back-end. 

  1. No. of Visible Dashboards – You can choose the number of dashboards to be displayed in the carousel view
    • Once finished click on the ‘Save’ button to save the configuration details.

  • The ‘Custom Navigation’ fields in the configuration tab are given to add website URL s related to your organisation. The URL format will be validated, it should be in the following format (https://cammscollege.com/). Once the URLs are entered they will be added as hyperlinks to the buttons placed on the header section. When you click on a button, it will direct you to the given URL in a new tab of your web-browser.