CAMMS is pleased to announce the December Feature Release for cammsproject


This includes a number of new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. The release is set for the 24th January 2020, and will include the following features.

1. User Interface improvements to the toolbar buttons in the Task Planning Object 

  • The buttons in the tool bar within the Task Planning Object (Project Gantt) has been enhanced to be more prominent.

Figure 1: New and Improved Tool bar on Task Planning object

  • The tool bar has been restructured, where the most commonly used buttons are placed within the tool bar and the other buttons are moved to the ‘More’ section

Figure 2: More section in the Tool bar


Figure 3: Buttons within the 'More' section of the Toolbar


2. Added details on the document approval pop-ups 


  • The document approval pop up in Attach document, Custom Object and Advance Scope Objects has been enhanced to include the Document Reference and Document Title.


  • The Document Title and the Document Reference fields can be configured within the Sign Off template within the respective object.

Figure 4: Attach Document Object - Setup Sign Off

Figure 5: Configuration of Document Reference and Document Title Fields

  • The Document Reference enables approvers to download the document directly from the approval pop-up. Any URL attachments will be opened within a new browser tab. 

Figure 6: Document Title and Document Reference in approval pop up


3. Auto Save feature of the Task Planning object


  • A new Auto Save feature has been introduced to automatically save data of the Gantt, reducing the possibility of accidental data loss.


  • The frequency of the Auto Save needs to be configured by the system administrator through the system setting “Auto Save Frequency (in minutes) in Task Planning Object” in Project Settings > System Settings.

    The default Auto Save frequency will be configured to 1 minute. The minimum frequency will be 0.1 minutes (6 seconds).

Figure 7: Auto Save Frequency Setting

  • The standard and custom fields within the Task Planning Object, if made mandatory will be auto populated with default values as described below. This is also applicable on clicking away from the relevant cell if there are no values inserted into the field.

Standard Fields

  • When a new task is inserted the text ‘New task’ will be auto populated as the task name
  • If the task name is deleted from an existing task, the previous task name will be auto populated 
  • If the Revised Start Date is edited to be greater than the Revised End Date or if the Revised End Date is lesser than the Revised Start Date, the Task Start and End Date will be auto populated for Revised Start Date and Revised End Date 
  • Mandatory field validations for all standard fields will work as per existing standard behaviour

Custom Fields

  • Gantt Custom Lists – The first value in the custom list  
  • Comment and Gantt Custom Text fields – Field label name  
  • Numeric Fields – Numeric value ‘Zero’ 
  • Standard and custom Date fields – Current system date  
  • Standard and custom Check Box – False  
  • Calculated fields – Numeric value ‘Zero’

NOTE: The auto populated values are not configurable/customisable.

The Auto Save functionality will not be applicable to the following features of the Gantt

  • Scale to Fit  
  • Show Hide/Critical paths 
  • Highlight my Tasks  
  • Full screen 
  • Full View / Month View / Table View  
  • Weekly / Monthly / Yearly View 
  • Changes within resource allocation popup (Note: changes will be saved once you click on the ‘OK’ button in the resource allocation pop-up, after making the changes)

NOTE: The data changes done within each view listed above will be Auto Saved. Only the ‘view’ of the Gantt will not be saved. For example, if the user changes the Gantt from a weekly view to a monthly view and then refreshes the Gantt, the Gantt will load the default view.

  • If the project time frame is NOT based on the Gantt and the task dates are outside the project time frame, the user will be prompted with a validation to adjust the dates as per the existing functionality. The Auto Save will not work until the user corrects the dates. 

  • The existing ‘Save’ icon on the tool bar will remain unchanged and users can continue to update and save changes using this.

4. Performance improvement for the Issue Register Object

  • The performance in Issue Register object has been improved with this release, including the Issues, Actions and Decisions tab. 
  • Page refreshes that used to occur during the following functionalities have been removed to provide a more seamless user experience; 
    • Selecting the Status 
    • Clicking on Edit button
    • Clicking on Delete button 
    • Clicking on Print button
    • Add new item

5. Allowed file type extensions from file uploaders within cammsproject

File type extensions that users can upload within cammsproject are limited to the below file extensions in order to enhance system security measures.

.pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls .xlsx, .xlsm, .epub, .odt, .odp, .ods, .txt, .msg, .csv, .mpp, .vsd, .vsdx, .eml, .pub, .ecd, .tr5, .qbr, .rar, .zip, .7z, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wav, .mp3, .mpeg, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif 


There could be a vulnerability/ threat in uploading and downloading ‘.rar, .zip, .7z’ file extensions, although these are allowed. Caution is advised when using these file types.

NOTE: The Undo/Redo functionality in the Gantt, which was planned for this release has been postponed due to technical issues. We will notify you when this feature will be available on our upcoming releases.