The Quick Update page will display the assessments for the current reporting year by default.

To view assessments from other periods, use the Reporting Year dropdown at the top left to select the period. For example if there are any unfinished assessments from a previous period, it is possible to complete them by switching to that period.

The welcome message is displayed below the reporting year selection and section after that is divided into three main segments, they are:

  • My Assessments: Provides access to the logged in user's assessment records for the assessment period. The assessment period information, the reporting officer's information, a brief description of the current assessment status and button to access the assessment is displayed.
  • 360 Invitations: Lists assessments which the current user is invited to assess his/her peers.
  • Team Assessments: List of all assessments that the current user is assessing.

Note: Team Assessments for reporting officers will only show up on their Quick Update page once the setup has been completed and pushed to Endorsement phase. In addition, the welcome message can be changed or disabled via the Welcome Message menu which is available for administrators.