CAMMS is pleased to announce the February Feature Release for cammsinsights

This release includes several new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system and is set for 28th February 2020.  

1. Proxima Nova replaces Roboto as default font

Proxima Nova will be the default font for new reports. Shown below is a comparison between the previous default font, and the new one.

Figure 1: Comparison between Roboto and Proxima Nova font

NoteThis will only be applied to newly created and existing reports which do not have specifically defined fonts.

2. The ‘Update Results’ button renamed as ‘Apply Filters’

You will find the ‘Update Results’ button renamed as ‘Apply Filters’ and relocated to the filter area, to retain attention within the workflow.

Figure 2: Apply filters button  

3. Export drill down grids at the current expansion level 

When exporting a drill down grid, a message prompt will appear asking how you would like to export the report. 

Here, you will be given two options:


Figure 3: Message box inquiring how the user would like to export the drill down grid


  1. Export with all rows as shown in viewer? – Selecting this option will export the report at the current expansion level in the report viewer.
  2. Export with all expanded records – Selecting this option will export the report with all the records expanded.

4. New conditional formatting options

You can apply conditional formatting on grids regardless of value. When setting conditional formatting, instead of specifying a Value, Value Range, or Percentage Range grids, you can now apply this setting to all values for that field.

Figure 4: New conditional formatting options 

Conditional formatting options are added to support bold, italic, and underline formatting for grids. 

Figure 5: New conditional formatting options 

A new conditional formatting option for Horizontal and Vertical Grids, allowing conditional formatting to be applied to entire columns or rows in a grid.


Figure 6: New conditional formatting options allowing users to format horizontal and vertical grids


5. Group value fields in a drill down grid

Figure 7: Grouping values in a drill down grid


6. Other general improvements

  • The formatting of the date columns are now ‘DateTime’ when exporting reports in Excel format.
  • A new feature to keep grids expanded/collapsed by default.

Figure 8:  Tick box to collapse/expand by default

  • You'll find a new separator type called, ‘Logical’ for pivot grids. This separator will block out data within the pivot, without creating a new grid instance, keeping all the data in-line.

Figure 9: New Logical separator option