CAMMS is pleased to announce the February Feature Release for cammsproject

This release includes several new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system and is set for 23rd February 2020.  


  1. An 'Export' option in workflow objects


  • You now have an Export option in the following workflow objects, allowing you to export the information within the given objects directly on to a PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file.  
    • KPIs
    • KPI Progress
    • Risk Assessment
    • Linkage
    • Business Case


  • To generate an export of the object, click on the ‘Export’ icon on the toolbar.  


Figure 1: 'Export' icon on Risk Assessment object


  • When the ‘Export’ icon is clicked, a preview of information within the respective object will appear on a new browser tab.


  • Click on the ‘Export drop down menu’ icon and select the preferred export format from the menu to download the file in the selected format.  


Figure 2: Export drop down menu in the report previewer