CAMMS is pleased to announce the February 2020 Feature Release for cammsrisk.

This release includes several new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system and is set for 23rd February 2020.  

  1. Filter draft risks based on their approval status in registers.


  • When the "Risk Approvals" feature is enabled, you can now apply filters to the risk registers based on the approval status.
  • Once this feature is enabled with the ‘Enable Risk SignOff process (Risk Approvals)’ setting, risk registers will show a new filter ‘Approval Status’ , which allows users to filter risks by their approval statuses. 



Image 1 (a): A new filter ‘Approval Status’ is introduced to the registers     


  • Risks going through the approval process will pass through 5 stages. Any risks submitted by the logged in user shown in their registers, can be filtered by the below stages using the new multi select filter.
    • Draft - Any risks which are saved as draft, prior to submission will be in this state, and filtered through by this status 
    • Submitted- Any risks which have been submitted for approvals will be in this state, and be filtered through by this status 
    • Resubmitted - Any risks which have been resubmitted after an initial rejection will be in this state, and be filtered through by this status 
    • Rejected- Any risks which have been rejected during approvals and are not currently resubmitted will be in this state and be filtered through by this status 
    • Approved - Any risks which are approved post submission will be in this state and be filtered through by this status 


In addition to the above, a "Show All" option will be available, which will show all risks in all statuses in the registers. The default setting for the filter will have no selection, which will act as the "Show All" scenario showing all risks in the registers.

Note: The Approval status 'Approved' and Risk status 'Active' are separate, and will behave as two separate entities throughout the register search. 

  • This filter will be available for all users as a standard feature if risk approvals is enabled through the setting above.
  • For users who has the register configuration screen enabled (This can be activated on demand by CAMMS), the filter and a column can be configured in the register configurations. The ‘Register Configuration’ area accessed via Framework>Risk settings




Image 1 (b): A new field is available in the register configuration area  


 2. Configure the visibility of the Appetite Benchmark field.


  • You can configure the visibility of the appetite benchmark field appearing on the initial assessment page, when the risk appetite feature is activated for a client. 
  • This configuration will be available in the ‘Register Configuration’ area for all risk types, but only be applicable to the Inherent Risk Assessment page, which can be accessed via Framework>Risk Settings


Image 2(a): A new field in the risk field configuration area       


  • The ‘Risk Appetite Rating’ option will be available with the ‘Visibility in Inherent’ column ticked by default. This can however be un-ticked and saved, to hide this field from appearing on the Inherent Risk Assessment (Initial Risk Assessment) page as well. 
  • This field will not be shown in any other assessment pages, hence those options will be greyed out for selection in the configuration area. 
  • The show/hide status of the field highlighted below will be determined based on the configurations done as above. 


Image 2 (b): Risk Appetite Benchmark field on the initial/inherent assessment page