CAMMS is pleased to announce the February 2020 Feature Release for cammsstrategy

This release includes several new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system and is set for 23rd February 2020 for CAMMS’ cloud clients.  

1. Improved User interface in the Task Grid

The Task Grid now has an updated user interface to improve user experience.


Figure 1 - Improved Task Grid


We've added a searchable staff field to make it easier to find specific staff members to assign tasks to. Suggestions appear in the drop down list as you type the staff members name.


Figure 2 - Staff auto-fill suggestion drop box in Task

2. Information icon to show the calculation logic of overall performance 

You will find an information icon within the Performance Summary tab of the Strategy Map Detail Popup to show the calculation logic of the overall performance of KPIs and Actions. The calculation message will appear as you hover over the information icon.


Figure 3 - Message for action overall performance calculation logic within overall performance, inside Strategy Map Detail pop-upFigure 4 - KPI overall performance calculation logic message within overall performance inside Strategy Map Detail pop-up