To evaluate a staff member in your organisation, a personal assessment record must be created in the system.

An assessment record contains detailed information about the staff member's contribution to the organisation and how the assessing officers have evaluated those contributions for a particular assessment period. Assessment records are maintained within the system for future referencing.

Follow the below given steps to create a new assessment for yourself. If an Administrator has already done this for you, through Assessment Templates, it will be visible on your homepage under 'My Assessments'.

STEP 1: Click the 'Add New' button on the quick access menu on the right to open the 'New Assessment' popup.

STEP 2: Fill the required information in the 'New Assessment' popup.

  • Define which period within the reporting year is being assessed by the new assessment using the 'Period' drop-down list.
System Period

System Periods are the standard period definitions which are available within the system such as yearly, biannually, quarterly, etc.

When System Period is selected, the 'Reporting Period' drop down loads the standard reporting periods for selection.

Custom Period

Custom Periods are created by the Administrator where the periods for the assessment have different start and end dates as opposed to the standard system periods. However, the custom periods must be within the Reporting Year (i. e. custom periods cannot exist beyond the reporting year).

When Custom Period is selected, the 'Reporting Period' dropdown loads the available custom periods for selection. The custom period must be defined by the administrator prior to creating the assessment. (See Assessment Periods for details on creating custom periods.)

  • Define the reporting period which the new assessment belongs to from the 'Reporting Period' drop-down list.
  • Define the officer who is conducting the assessment using the 'Reporting Officer' drop-down list. By default the reporting officer who is assigned to you will be selected.
  • Define the final date for completing the assessment in the 'Due Date' field.

STEP 2: Click 'Create' to create the new assessment. Once you click 'Create', you will be directed into the assessment page.


If the reporting year is not mapped (see Reporting Year Mapping), system displays the following warning message.

Please seek your Administrator's support to map the reporting year correctly. After the reporting year is mapped to the system period, you will be able to create the assessment.

The system allows you to create an assessment for a Reporting Year which is not mapped. However, it is not recommended because this may incorporate erroneous data into the assessment once a roll over is initiated.