This object facilitates you to create tasks for a given project and display them in a graphical timescale format in a Gantt chart or Kanban board.

Gantt Chart for Project Tasks

The fields configured in the Object Editor area are displayed as shown in the below screenshot:

Note: The default timeline view of the Task Planning object is set as 'scale to fit'.

Hover over any of the coloured bars to view a quick summary.

  • Any changes done to the Project Table will be automatically updated in the Gantt chart in real-time and vice versa. Once a Summary Task is completed, all of its Child Tasks are auto updated and vice versa as well.
  • You can assign multiple resources to a task by clicking on the icon on 'Responsible Person' column. You need to tick the staff which you need to allocate as resources and click 'OK'. You have to decide the primary resource by selecting the 'Primary' radio button and this selection is mandatory. 
  • You can also see the percentage of involvement through the 'Hours Per Day' which will be decided by the user (double click the 'Hours Per Day' box in order to edit the value). The system will show the Total Effort allocated to responsible person based on Hours Per Day/Percentage and the task duration. See the example given below:

The icons above the Gantt chart can be used to add, edit and delete tasks as necessary along with many other functions. The most commonly used icons such as "Add", "Save", "Delete", "Move Up", "Move Down" etc. are placed within the tool bar and the other buttons are available in the ‘More’ section as shown below;

The grid below elaborates on the functionalities of each icon on the toolbar:



Saves Gantt chart.

Prints Gantt chart information. This provides different options to print.

Adds a new task to the Gantt chart.

Deletes the selected task from the Gantt chart.

Indents / Outdents the selected task.

Expands / Collapses the default Gantt chart view to fill the screen.

Shows / Hides the critical path within the project schedule

Create / View Baseline.

Add notes against a Task

Downloads the Microsoft Project Add-in - which gives the ability to export the Gantt chart as an XML file which can be then viewed and edited using MS Project. Once edited it can also be imported back into Camms Projects (IPM). See Microsoft Project Add-in for more information on this function.

Export the task planning details to a PDF or Excel

Fits the Gantt chart to show on the page in full.

Switch to Kanban Board

You can also switch to following views by clicking on relevant icons:

1 - Table View

2 - Chart View

3 - Year View

4 - Month View

5 - Week View

The system uses the following icons to indicate the task progress.



'On track'

This is displayed if the activities of a task are going according to the project schedule.


This is displayed if the task needs to be monitored.

'Off track'

This is displayed if the activities of a task are going behind the project schedule.

Kanban Board for Project Tasks

The Task Kanban Board in Camms.Project will provide you with a convenient way to manage your tasks and update the task progress.

Task Kanban Board is available in the following application areas:

  • Task Planning object (Gantt) in the project
  • Project Hub > Schedule tab
  • My Quick Update > My Tasks

Lists/Columns in the Kanban board represent the status of a task (i.e. Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred, and Ongoing).

Cards represent the tasks in the Gantt. Only child tasks/milestones and standalone tasks/milestones in the Gantt will have a card in the Kanban board.

Tasks are grouped by the parent/summary tasks which they are linked to.

Each card displays the following information on the task:

  • Title
  • Progress bar – Will display % complete of the task, and the colour of the slider bar will represent the performance of the task
  • Timeframe (start and end dates)
  • Responsible person
  • No. of attachments

Navigating to the Kanban board

You can select the ‘Kanban’ option in the toggle button in the Task Planning object, Schedule tab in the Project Hub, or in the My Quick Update > My Tasks areas to navigate to the Kanban Board.

Viewing the Kanban board in full-screen

Click on the Full Screen icon to view the Kanban board in a full screen view.

Updating the progress of tasks

You can update task progress by dragging the progress bar on the card. The system will automatically save your progress updates.

You can further update the status of the task by moving the card across the columns. This can easily be done by clicking a card, dragging and dropping it on to the required column in the Kanban board. 

Deleting tasks

Tasks can be deleted by clicking on the Delete icon on the card.

Viewing and updating additional details of tasks

Click on the ‘Show Details’ icon on the card to view/update more details of the task.

The Show Details pop-up will show all fields activated in the Task Planning object except for:

  • ID
  • Predecessors 
  • History
  • Attachments
  • Responsible person
  • Reference tasks
  • Custom calculated fields

You will be able to update the timeframe (Start and End Dates) and duration of tasks which have no dependencies (i.e. standalone/independent tasks) from the Show Details pop-up.

Note: The Timeframe and Duration fields will be non-editable for predecessors and successors.  


Once the updates are made, click on the 'Save' button in the Show Details pop-up to save the updates. Upon saving, the updates will reflect on the Gantt.


The following filters are available to filter the Kanban board:

  • Task name
  • Responsible person
  • Start date and End date
  • Performance status (On Track, Off Track, and Monitor)

Kanban board in the My Quick Update page

The Kanban board in the My Quick Update page will show all tasks which are assigned to you.

Tasks will be grouped by the Project and Parent/Summary tasks which they are linked to.

The same functionalities mentioned above will be available in the Kanban board under My Quick Update.

The following filters are available for you to filter your Kanban Board using the following filters:

  • Project Name
  • Task Name
  • Task Start Date and End Date 
  • Task Status – By default, the Kanban Board in Quick Update will not show tasks which are in ‘Completed’ and ‘Deferred’ stages. If you wish to see completed and deferred tasks in your Kanban Board, select Completed and Deferred options within the ‘Show Task Status’ dropdown in the search panel and click on ‘Filter’ button.
  • Task Performance Status (On Track, Off Track and Monitor)

Permission to the Kanban board in the Task Planning object and Project Hub

  • Users with ‘View’ permission to the Task Planning object will be able to view the Kanban board.
  • Users with ‘Edit’ permission to the Task Planning object will be able to move the cards and edit details of the cards in the Kanban board.
  • Users with ‘Delete’ permission to the Task Planning object will be able to delete cards in the Kanban board.
  • Users with ‘Can Edit After Sign Off’ permission to the Task Planning object will be able to move the cards and edit details of cards once the Task Planning object is signed off.
  • Users with ‘Can Edit After Terminate’ permission to the Task Planning object will be able to move the cards and edit details of cards once the project is terminated. 
  • Users with Super roles (e.g. IPM Administrator and Project Manager) will be able to perform all the above actions.