When accessing an assessment record, the system will display the Assessment Homepage screen. The view of the Assessment homepage will differ according to the phase of the assessment.

For instance, if the assessment record has completed the Setup phase, the Overview tab is the first displayed by default.


To successfully conduct an individual performance evaluation, four main phases should be completed. These phases are: 

  1. Setup Phase - This is where the Assessee selects all of the Assessment Elements required for their Assessment and inputs data to several elements, which is rated in the other phases.
  2. Endorsement Phase - This is the phase where the Assessee has completed the setup and it has been sent to the Reporting Officer (Manager) to be looked at and 'Endorsed'. Endorsing the assessment means that the Reporting Officer (Manager) has viewed the assessment for that particular staff member and it is correct and ready to be assessed on.
  3. Self Assessment Phase - This is where the Assessee provides 'Self-Ratings' and the 'Assessment' for their own performance in the review period in all of the selected Assessment Elements.
  4. Assessment Phase - This is where the Reporting Officer provides a 'Rating' and the 'Assessment' for the Assessee's performance for the review period in all of the selected Assessment Elements.

In addition, a 360 Assessment can also be conducted. (Refer About 360 Assessment for more details.)