CAMMS is pleased to announce the March feature release for cammsinsights.


This was released on 21st March 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 


Custom Staff List Field in Project Details, Project Register and Project Quick Update Datasets

The following Datasets will be modified to include Custom Staff Fields in the Project Details object in cammsproject.

  • Project_ProjectDetails_STND
  • Project_ProjectRegister_STND
  • Project_ProjectQuickUpdate_STND

You can create reports or modify existing reports using these Custom Staff List Fields in cammsinsights.

Figure 1: Custom Staff List Fields in the Project Details Object in cammsproject

Note: Any reports created using these Datasets may display configuration errors after this release, due to these new fields. To add the new fields into your Datasets and to ensure the smooth functioning of your reports, please update the Datasets as soon as possible.

You'll find steps to update and apply the modifications to the above-mentioned Dataset at the link below:

New Dataset for the Incident Category Link Rollup


The new 'Incident_IncidentCategoryLinksRollup_STND' Dataset will allow you to generate reports based on Incidents linked to multiple categories.  

 Figure 2: Incident Category Details

The following standard fields will be available in this new Dataset:

Field Name



Unique Identifier for an Incident which could be used to link to another Dataset (E.g. Incident_IncidentDetails_STDN)

Incident Name

Name of the Incident


Unique Identifier for a Category

Category Name

Name of the category 

Below are the default relationships for this new Dataset which can be set up as an Insights Administrator.

Join Type


Join Field



Join Field

Left Join





Find instructions on using the Relationships tab in your Insights Administration area at the link below:

The figure below is a sample report created using this new Dataset.

Find instructions to ensure that this new Dataset is enabled for use within your cammsinsights application at the link below: