CAMMS is pleased to announce the April Feature Release for cammsengage.

This is set for release on 24th April 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. New setting setting to update dashboard data for a selected period

Currently data can only be refreshed for the period the dashboard was originally created for. Now you can use this this setting to refresh dashboard data for a selected period.

1.1 Dashboard Admin Panel:

A check box titled ‘Update the Progress Date for all the Items’ will be available in the dashboard refresh panel. This can be select this tick box to make the feature active. (See Figure 1 below). 

Figure 1: 'Update Progress Date for all the Items' checkbox

Once the box is ticked, a confirmation message will appear inquiring if the Administrator wants to edit the progress date for all existing items. (See Figure 2 below). 

Figure 2: Update Progress Date for all the items – confirmation pop-up

Once the 'Start' button is clicked after confirmation on the refresh window, the progress date will be updated for all the items (i.e. Actions, KPIs, Projects, Risks, Risk Controls and Scorecards) which will already be visible on the dashboard.

The data will then be updated and showcased on cammsengage up to the edited date.

2. Choose Progress Comments or Executive Comments for display

Currently, the Action/ KPI/ Scorecard executive commentary is displayed to public users, while the progress commentary is displayed to users logged in. This enhancement allows you to display either executive or progress commentary to both types of audiences.

This feature will be available for the detail components of Action, KPI and Scorecards.

2.1 Dashboard Admin Panel:

Once the specific components are added to the page design area, you will have the option to select the comment to be shown (progress comment or executive comment) to which type of user. (logged in or public)

This option will be placed in the edit menu of the detail components. (See Figure 3 below)

Figure 3: Option to select user type and comment type

This feature will be replicated to all the detail components which are added through the ‘Add to all’ option.

Note: Comments will be visible on the dashboard only if the comment field visibility checkbox is ticked, in the configuration menu of the detail component.


3. New template project to automatically configure project detail level components.

This enhancement would allow you to select a template project which has the detail level configuration to be applied to all projects in. This will only be applicable to projects which will be made visible subsequent to selecting 

the template project. 

3.1 Dashboard Admin Panel:

A check box titled ‘Enable Template Project’ will be available in the edit section of the dashboard.  (See Figure 4 below)

Figure 4: Enable Template Project Checkbox

Once the box is ticked, the option of choosing a template project will be provided in all project list/node components (See Figure 5 below)

Figure 5: Template Project field in Project List

This will be a radio button, where only a single project can be chosen at any given time.

Upon a selection, a validating message will be displayed as a pop-up. (See Figure 6 below)

Figure 6: Template Project confirmation pop-up

The following actions will take place once confirmation is made:

  • Going forward, any detail level component available within the template project, will be copied over to the projects which will be made visible automatically or manually. 

  • This will not be applied to the projects which are made visible prior to selecting a template project. 

  • If the check box is ticked on the validation message as depicted in Figure 6, all the KPIs and Risks which are in the project detail level will automatically be made visible. 

  • This is only applicable for the KPIs and Risks which have been linked to the projects at the instance of making the project visible. Any KPI/Risk linked to the project in the future will not be automatically made visible.

  •  In a case where the default project has no detail level components, a pop-up message will be displayed for confirmation. (See Figure 7 below)

Figure 7: Template Project confirmation pop-up for no detail components