CAMMS is pleased to announce the April Feature Release for cammsrisk

This was released on 24th April 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system.

    1. Risk assessment can now be made optional


  • Risk assessment is now optional within a risk. For example you can now create and save a risk without initially doing the inherent risk assessment. This will also give you the ability to make any assessment non-mandatory and carry on to the next stage in the risk workflow. 


How can this be set up?

  • As a user with administrator privileges, you can access the risk settings area via cammsrisk>framework>risk settings>criteria  where you will be able to define which criteria among the configured are mandatory or not through the "Mandatory' column . Based on these configurations, you can fill only the criteria marked as mandatory and then move on the to the next pages. If any criteria are still marked as mandatory, the system will validate and prompt you to fill in before moving to a different area, which is currently the existing manner. 



 Image 1: Risk Criteria can be made mandatory 

  • This can be configured for any assessment including the initial, hence you will be able to skip doing an assessment altogether and move on to the next assessment.


2. Fresh enhancements to the Dashboard user interface


After considering your feedback we are delighted to announce the following enhancements to the dashboard user interface. 

Below are the widgets in risk and incident tabs:



o   Inherent Assessment

o   Current Assessment

o   Future Assessment

o   Risk Heat Map Analysis



o   Incident Heat Map

o   Incident Heat Map Analysis

The following changes have been carried out for the UI.

  1. Space within the widget has been optimised and utilised to fit the matrix
  2. The Not Rated values have been brought back to the matrix widgets 
  3. A 'Ratings Summary' label has been added atop the matrix 
  4. New and improved UI of the legend at the top 
  5. The overall look and feel of the matrix cells has been improved, giving more space to display numbers 
  6. The orientation of the X and Y axes series values has been changes to be horizontal, making them easily readable 
  7.  A tool tip for the X and Y axes series values has been introduced to show the full text if truncated 


You can view the changes in the before and after shots below:



Image 2 (a): Before/After shots of the matrix widgets


  Image 2 (b): Before/After shots of the matrix widgets  


  • Additionally, the matrix type widgets listed above are now fully responsive to any zoom level and resolution on your screens and will adjust accordingly in the dashboard as well. 
  • Further, as an administrator, you can also change the font colour of the statistical figures from the default white to any colour of your choice through ‘Risk Analysis / Dashboard Text Colour’ accessed via cammsrisk>Administration>Configuration>Settings area. This will be a global configuration and will change the font colour across the organisation for all users. 
  • This will also be applied to all widgets in the dashboard as well as the statistics values, the tool tip text will then be converted to be shown in the chosen colour as per the example below. 


 Image 2 (c): Font colour changed to black


3. Report on deleted controls


As an administrator you can now report on deleted risk controls via cammsinsights. Unlike how it was previously, risk controls can now be reported on after deletion via insights. Please refer the cammsinsights release note for more details on the data sets to be used for this. 

All standard SSRS reports in risk have been modified to reflect this feature as well. 

What’s coming up?

The standard risk report in SSRS, Risk Controls Overview report will soon be upgraded to bring in deleted controls with a track of when it was deleted and by whom, for the demonstrators to get an audit of deleted controls easily. We will keep you posted about this and release via a future sprint.