CAMMS is pleased to announce the May Feature Release for cammsrisk.

This was released on 29th May 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. Updates for the Quick Update


As indicated in the April Sprint Release Note, we have changed some of the business rules around which assessment is displayed in the quick update, when using the following two features together;

  • You can have the assessments non- mandatory 
  • You can completely hide the assessment in either the initial/revised or future assessment details pages 

The matrix displaying which assessments are shown for the responsible officers in the quick update, including various combinations of the above 2 features, as well as the existing set up, is shown below. 


Image 1: Assessment shown in the quick update for the users 





2. Ability for the user to reset the password


The cammsrisk standalone mode now has a ‘Forgot your password’ feature, where you can request the application to send a password reset link, in case the password is forgotten. 

  • This can be accessed via the ‘Forgot your password’ hyperlink, where you will be able to enter the organisation name and request a reset password link, by entering the username or the email address directly.


Image 2 (a): Forgot Password option is now available 

  • If the you enter the username, the system will check the email address available in the database against the entered username and send the password reset email to the same. You can choose to enter your email address directly as well.  


Image 2 (b): User can either enter the username or the email address 

  • If you enter a username or an email address which is not currently registered in the application, they will be notified of the same and will not be able to proceed without contacting their system administrator.
  • Upon the successful submission of email/username and re-set request, you will receive an email from the application with a link to navigate to the password re-set area. In this screen able to login to the system after successfully re-setting the password.




Image 2 (c): User can reset the password