Camms is pleased to announce the October Feature Release for Camms.Risk Compliance Management.

This was released on 17th October 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. Behaviour of next review dates in actions 


The next review date will automatically be incremented based on your selected date; rather than defaulting to the end of a period. This means that if you selected the next review date manually to be 15th of the following month, and this action recurs monthly, the system will automatically set the next review dates to be the 15th of every month thereafter. 


How to configure this?

  • The setting ‘Show progress update’ requires to be enabled under the Action object in Camms.Compliance > Framework > Compliance Settings > Object Configuration. This will enable a two tab view within the action object; where the feature can be accessed from ‘Show Action Progress Update.


How will it work?

  • In the ‘Action Progress Update’ tab, a frequency requires to be selected from the ‘Review Frequency’ dropdown. This will then automatically default a next review date for the end of the period.
  • Select a date from the next review date picker and click ‘Save’. Upon finalising the review period by clicking the ‘Finalise Review’ button, the Next Review Date will automatically change based on the frequency, and the selected date.

Example: If the frequency is monthly, the default Next Review Date will be 31st October. You will then change it to 25th of October 2020, and finalise the October period. This would then automatically change the Next Review Date to 25th of November for the November period.


Image 1: Selecting a date for next review date

  • If the review frequency is changed, the Next Review Date will change accordingly.
  • If the Next Review Date is greater than the current review period, you will be prompted. However, you will be able to proceed by confirming the selection.

    Example: If the frequency is monthly and the current review period is October, you select the Next Review Date as 5th November. This date is greater than the Review period ending 31st October.  


How will email alerts work after this enhancement?

  • E-mails for due and overdue reviews will continue to work as it does currently; it will now notify you based on the new 'next review date'. You can use the ‘Action Review Date’ trigger in Camms.Compliance > Framework > Compliance Settings > Notifications to setup emails related to review dates.