Camms is pleased to announce the October Feature Release for Camms.Engage. 

This was released on 17th October 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. Access Camms.Engage via the product navigation menu

This new feature will allow you to access the Camms.Engage dashboard using the product navigation menu; providing easy access from and to any other Camms solution; reducing the hassle and additional time taken to switch between products (see Image 1).

  • This further avoids multiple log ins whenever the user accesses other Camms products.

Image 1: Product navigation icon

  • The new ‘Product Navigation’ icon is now available in the header section of the dashboard once you log in. 
  • Camms.Risk, Camms.Project, Camms.Talent, and Camms.Strategy products are available under the product navigation for selection.
  • Once you click on the ‘Product Navigation’ icon, a dropdown list containing all Camms products activated for the relevant user will be displayed (see Image 2).

Image 2: Product navigation dropdown list with all activated products

  • When you click on a product, the selected product will be launched in a new tab. 
  • Camms.Engage will be listed in the Product Navigation dropdown list of other products too; enabling users to navigate to Camms.Engage from other products as well (i.e. Camms.Strategy, Camms.Risk, Camms.Project, and Camms.Talent).
  • Camms.Engage will be displayed as ‘Stakeholder Dashboard’ in the product navigation menu in the Sycle environment (see Image 3).

Image 3: Cammsengage in the Sycle environment 

  • At any instance, when you click on Camms.Engage, it will be launched in a new tab.

 1.1    Dashboard admin panel 

  • A new setting will be available in the configuration section where you will be able to activate and deactivate product navigation for Camms.Engage (see Image 4).

Image 4: Enable product navigation checkbox in the configuration section

  • You can navigate to the configuration section through the configuration tab on the left navigation panel in the Admin section of Camms.Engage once logged in (see below Image 5).

Image 5: Configuration tab in the admin section