Camms is pleased to announce the September Feature Release for Camms.Risk.

This was released on 19th September and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. Hide the ‘Average Ratings’ section in Project Risk Register

The highest and average risk rating grid is now configurable to be made visible or hidden in the Project Risk Register 


How to configure this?

  • A new setting has been introduced as ‘Show risk rating summary grid in Project Risk Register’ in the settings page (accessed via Camms.Risk > Administration > Configurations > Settings)



Image 1- Setting to show/hide the Risk Rating summary grid

  • When the setting is ticked, it allows users to view the summary grid as it currently does within the Project Risk Register

Image 2- Displaying the Risk Rating Summary Grid when the setting is ticked


  • When the setting is unticked, the summary grid will not display above the project register

Image 3: The Risk Rating Summary Grid is hidden when the setting is unticked


  • The setting can be enabled only by the user who has Administration permissions 
    1. Static hierarchy  – any user with ‘Administrator’ permission (accessed via Camms.Risk > Administration > Manage Users)
    2. Flexible hierarchy/security (beta feature) – any user role with ‘Edit’ permission to the ‘Configuration’ page (accessed via Camms.Risk > Administration > Role Management)


2. Project Register to show total projection values per project


As an extension to the Monte Carlo feature released in August 2020, users can now view the quantitative risk total projection values for P10/P50/P90 for each project in the project register in order to understand the total project cost according to each probability.


How to configure this?

  • The Monte Carlo analysis feature must be activated so that projection values can be calculated for each risk. This feature can be activated via Camms.Risk > Framework > Risk Settings > Field Configurations > Project Risk > Monte Carlo Assessment. This needs to be ticked as ‘Visible’ for the required assessment (Initial, Current and/or Future)


  • The Projection values for P10/P50/P90 values for each assessment needs to be configured as columns in the Project Risk Register accessed via Camms.Risk > Framework > Risk Settings > Register Configurations


How does this work?

  • The P10/P50/P90 total projection values per project for each assessment is derived from the total of all risks within that project

  • The total projection values can be viewed by clicking the icon next to the project name. This will open up a pop-up which will depict the P10/P50/P90 values for each assessment


Image 4 - Totals for each projection values per project

Note: In the event of any of the projection values for any one of the three assessments is not ticked as ‘Visible’ as a column in the Project register, the total of those projection values will not show in this pop-up.