Camms is pleased to announce the November Feature Release for Camms.Engage.

This was released on 14th November 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

Compatible with Rollover

  • This enhancement will allow old dashboards of Camms.Engage to consider rollover, refresh its data as required and
    display them on the front end of the dashboard.
  • Risks, Actions, Tasks, and hierarchy nodes will be considered for the rollover. 
  • Once  logged into the Admin section of the dashboard, a browser notification will appear indicating the detection of a successful rollover. (See below Image 1)

Image 1: Pop-up message for the detection of a successful roll-over

  • This pop-up would have two buttons, 'OK' and 'Cancel'; once clicked on 'OK' the pop-up would not appear unless another rollover takes place.
  • A new rollover icon would be available against each dashboard listed in the dashboard tab in the admin section of Camms.Engage.
  • This icon would be clickable only if the dashboard is eligible for a rollover. (See below Image 2)

Note: Only the dashboards which were created in the immediate previous period would be eligible for rollover.

Image 2: Enabled Rollover Icon for  rollover eligible dashboards

  • The rollover icon would be disabled for the dashboards which are already in the current period or in an archived period, which is no longer eligible for rollover.  (See below Image 3)

Image 3: Disabled Rollover Icon for  the dashboards which are not applicable for rollover 

Once clicked on a rollover icon

  • A new copy of the dashboard would be created reflecting all the changes subsequent to the rollover.
  • The name of the new duplicated rolled over dashboard would be <Dashboard Name – Rollover>
  • The new rolled over dashboard would be under the status of 'Under Construction'. (See below Image 4)

Image 4: New Rolled Over Dashboard

  • Upon refreshing and publishing the dashboard, all changes subsequent to the rollover, would be displayed on the front end of the dashboard considering the refresh option which the dashboard is in.
  • Once a dashboard is successfully rolled over, the below icon would be displayed against that dashboard. (See below Image 5)

Image 5: Rollover icon for successfully rolled over dashboards