Each Assessment created will have a Phase and Status based on where it is at in the Assessment cycle. 

This status can be viewed from the 'All Assessments' screen and align to the specific phase outlined below: 

Not StartedThe status 'Not Started' means that the User has not gone into the assessment and 'saved' anything yet. So essentially they haven't started their assessment setup.

The Assessment will be in Setup Phase
DraftThe User has gone into the assessment and has started their setup. Hence, They have started the setup by 'saving' some of the elements (but not completed yet). So essentially the assessment moves from a 'Not Started' status to a 'Draft' status once it has been started/Saved. 

The Assessment will still be in Setup Phase.
Awaiting Manager EndorsementThe User has completed the Setup by clicking on the Complete button and it has now been sent to the Reporting Officer to Endorse.

The Assessment is still in Setup Phase
In ProgressThe Endorsement has now been completed by the Reporting Officer (Manager) and the Assessment is In Progress by the Staff Member.

The Assessment is in the 'Self Assessment' or 'In Progress' Phase. 
Manager Assessment The User has completed their Self Assessment and it has now been sent to the Reporting Officer (Manager) to complete the Assessment.

The Assessment is in 'Manager Assessment' Phase. 
CompletedThe Assessment has had the Manager complete the Assessment and now the Assessment is Completed - ready to be viewed and signed off. 
Signed OffThe Assessment has now been signed off via the 'Sign Off' tab of the Assessment. 

To learn more about 'Phases' please refer to the Assessment Home Page section. 

Note: The Administrator can edit the labels for these Status's (and Phases) through the 'Configure Terminologies' section. 

This is an Organisational wide label change that will affect all Assessments.