Camms is pleased to announce the December Feature Release  for Camms.Engage.

This was released on 12th December 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1. Ability to roll-up and view actions within a dashboard

  • Currently the Action List and Action Node components only display Actions which are linked directly to the last level of the hierarchy node. 
  • This enhancement provides Administrators the flexibility to choose to display rolled-up actions from any level in the hierarchy, so that it shows all actions linked to underlying child nodes.

How will it work? 

  • Once the components are added to a node, the Administrator will have the option to select which Actions to be included (directly linked or roll up Actions) and to which section should these settings be applied to in the edit menu of components. 
  • Below options will be placed in the edit section of the Action List/Node components. 

Image 1: Options to select which Actions to be shown and to which section should these settings be applied to 

  • Once the Roll Up Actions option is selected, the Administrator will see all Actions linked to the particular node and its child nodes. Here the administrator can decide which Actions are to be made visible to end users.
  • The new column ‘Hierarchy Node’ is added to emphasise which node the Action is linked to.

Image 2:: Action List Edit Menu 


  • The two options 'Directly Linked Actions'  and 'Apply to component only'  will be selected by default.
  • This will be compatible with all refresh options and the copy function of the dashboard.