Camms is pleased to bring you the Quarterly Product Release Note for Camms.Project.

This quarter we've got a number of exciting new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system, which was deployed to your Test environment on 20th March 2021 and will be deployed to your Live instance on 3rd April 2021. 

1.  Percent complete column in the project register

This feature introduces the ‘Percent Complete’ column which has been added to both the 'Portfolio Hierarchy View' and 'List View' in the project register, to showcase the progress of a project.

How do you configure this?

  • You can configure the ‘Percent Complete’ as a column or a filter in the Project Register View (accessed via Framework > Project Settings > Project Register View).
  • Under the 'Column Visibility' and 'Search Visibility' checkboxes, tick on them to display the percent complete field.

Figure 1.1 – Activating the percent complete field in the project register view

How does this work?

  • Once configured, the 'Percent Complete' column and filter will be displayed in the Project Register.

Figure 1.2  Percent complete column in the project register


2.  Improvements to the reference object

2.1    Introducing a back button in the child and referenced project tabs

How does this work?

  • Once you navigate to a linked child project or referenced project within the 'Child Projects' tab or 'Referenced Projects' tab respectively, a ‘Back’ button is introduced at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You can click on ‘Back’ button if you want to navigate back to the project which you were previously in.

Figure 2.1 Back button in a referenced project

2.2    Filters in the referenced projects tab

How does this work?

  • The following filters in the ‘Create New Referenced Project’ popup has been introduced in the 'Referenced Projects' tab, allowing you to easily search for the referenced projects that you wish to link, to a given project.
    • Project Code
    • Project Name
    • Project Type 
    • Project Owner
    • Project Status – This will let you filter the referenced projects by its progress status (Not Started, In Progress, Completed, etc.)
    • Open/Upcoming/Closed – This will let you filter the referenced projects by their status (i.e. Open, Upcoming, and Closed). By default, only Open and Upcoming will be shown in the popup.
    • Date From and To   This will let you select a date range and filter the referenced projects of which Start and End Date fall within the selected date range.

Figure 2.2  Filters in create new referenced project popup within the referenced projects tab


3.  Configure the visibility of the Risk Review tab

This feature will enable administrators to configure the visibility of the Risk Review tab in the Risk Workflow. Once the Review tab is hidden, all risk review related information will not be visible throughout the application.


How do you configure this?

  • The administrator can show/hide the 'Risk Review' tab via Framework > Project Settings > Risk Assessment.
  • Within the Field Configuration tab > Project Risk tab > Review tab, use the 'Show Tab' toggle button to switch ON or OFF the risk review tab.
    • The OFF toggle switch will hide the Risk Review tab and its fields for configuration.
    • The ON toggle switch will show the Risk Review tab and its fields as before, to perform field configurations.

Figure 3.1 Risk Review fields hidden when Show Tab toggle is OFF

Figure 3.2  Risk Review fields visible when Show Tab toggle is ON


How does this work?

  • When the 'Show Tab' toggle is OFF, the ‘Next Review Date’ column in the risk register within the Risk Assessment object and the ‘Review’ tab within the risk workflow will be hidden.

Figure 3.3  Risk Review tab hidden

  • Based on the 'Show Tab' toggle status, all columns/fields related to the risk review tab will be hidden from the following sections:
    • Project Hub > Risks
    • My Quick Update > My Risks


4.  Introducing new field types in the Custom Object to add more flexibility in configurations

More flexibility has now been provided to you when configuring Custom Objects (1st tab) with the introduction of the following new custom fields.

  • 10 custom numeric fields
  • 10 custom single-line text fields
  • 10 custom staff lists
  • 10 custom multi-select lists 


How do you configure this?

  • An administrator can make the new custom fields visible in the end user view and configure their properties (label name, help text, etc.) from the Object Configuration area of the Custom Object. 

Figure 4.1  New custom fields in object configuration area of Custom Object

  • An administrator can additionally map the new fields in one Custom Object to another Custom Object in future phases of the project workflow, using the ‘Map Field’ functionality.

Figure 4.2  Ability to map new custom fields from one object to other objects in future phases

  • The fields which have been made visible via the Object Configuration area will be shown in the end user view of the Custom Object as shown in the figure below. 

Figure 4.3  New custom fields in end user view of the custom object

Note: There will be updates to Insights datasets corresponding to Custom Objects to include the new custom fields. Please refer to the Camms.Insights Release Note for further details


How does this work?

  • You can customise the options that will be displayed in multi-select dropdowns via Framework > Project Settings > IPM Lists.
  • The IPM List area will show all multi-select dropdowns which have been made visible in Custom Objects (through the Object Configuration area) in all project workflows. 
  • You can select the required multi-select dropdown list in the left panel and add items (dropdown options) to the selected multi-select dropdown by clicking on the ‘Add New List Item’ icon in the right panel.
    Note: Only the items which have the ‘Active’ tick box selected will be shown as options in the respective dropdown list in the end user view. 

Figure 4.4  Ability to customise options of multi-select dropdowns in the custom object

What’s coming up?

Camms will be continuously working towards improving the Project Master Report and export functionality in the Custom Object to include the new custom fields, as a part of the roadmap. Stay tuned for the updates through our published roadmap and product communications.