The Survey Register will act as a dashboard to monitor all surveys in the system and to view and analyse responses. Access the survey register from the Left-hand Navigation Menu > Survey Register > Survey Register. 

Figure 1.1: Accessing survey register

Figure 1.2: Survey register

The following options will be available in the Survey Register: 

Survey TitleThis will be the survey title along with a link to the survey. When clicked on the link, it will take you to the Survey Workspace.
Date CreatedThis will denote the date the survey was created.
Due DateIf the survey has a due date, it will be denoted here.
Number of QuestionsNumber of questions to the survey will be denoted here.
ProgressThe progress of the survey will be denoted here.
  • Not Started: Will denote the survey is not answered by any user yet and will be at 0%.
  • In Progress: Will denote the survey has been partially answered by some users and will denote the percentage of users answered survey.
  • Completed: Will denote the survey has been completely answered by all users and will be 100%.
Responses ReceivedThis will denote the number of responses submitted for the survey.
Responses DueThis will denote the number of responses that are due for the survey.
StatusThis will denote the status of the survey.
  • Draft: All newly created surveys that have not bene sent out to users, will have this status.
  • Active: All surveys that have been shared with users and awaiting responses, will have this status.
  • Closed: All surveys that have ended its assessment period and no responses accepted, will have this status.
ResponsesClick on the 'View' button to view and analyse all responses to the survey in a popup window.
  • You are viewing responses for: Select as 'Current Period' to select answers for the current assessment period (the latest recurrence of the survey), or select a previous period to analyse a past assessment. It will be defaulted to the Current Period.
  • Export to Excel: Click this button to export answers to an Excel sheet along with the users answered it and those who have not.
  • Total Questions: Will denote the total number of questions.
  • Responses Due: Will denote how many responses are due to be submitted.
  • Responses Received: Will denote how many responses have been received.
  • Responses Rate: Will denote the percentage of the responses received against the total number of expected responses.
  • Yet to Respond: Will denote the number of users remaining to respond to the survey questions, along with a link to open a popup window displayed the pending users.
  • Select Question: Select 'All Questions' to view all questions and its answers to load one below the other, or select a particular question and analyse its answers from the various users.
  • If 'All Questions' are selected, all questions will be listed below, and will be expandable or collapsible and will have the following tabular structure:
    • Respondent name: User's name who responded to the question.
    • Date & Time: Date the question was answered.
    • Responses: The answer provided to the question.
      Note: If a multiple answers were available for selection, these will be graphically denoted by a donut chart next to the question, with the percentages of each answer.
  • If a particular question was selected, the following additional fields will be displayed:
    • Respondents Sent: This will denote the number of respondents this question was sent to.
    • Responses Received: This will denote how many responses were received for this question.
    • % Responses: This will denote the percentage of responses for this question.

Figure 1.3: View responses

Note: Alternatively, survey responses can be viewed from within the Survey Workspace page in the Response tab.