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General Overview

Key Features

Getting Started

System Navigation

Quick Links


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User Profile

Action Icons

Home Screen

Exit System

My Workspace

My Agenda Items

Search Agenda Item

Add Agenda Item

Copy/Move Agenda Item

Delete Agenda Item


My Approvals

Agenda Item Approval

Search Agenda Item

Approve / Reject

Route Approval

Agenda Approval

Search Agenda

Approve / Reject

Route Approval

My Actions

Search Action

Edit Action Item


Meeting Centre

View Meetings

Search Meetings

Agenda Item Search

Search Agenda Item

Add Agenda Item

Copy/Move agenda item

Delete Agenda Item





Member List

Action Centre


Search Action

Export to Excel

Action Report

Add Action

Edit Action

Meeting Management – Create Meeting

Meeting Management – Meeting Preparation


Agenda Access

Prepare Agenda

Add Agenda Group/Agenda Item

Edit Agenda Group

Edit Agenda Item

Include numbered lists with sub level numbering – Include numbered lists within the report

Include Roman Numbering or another Numbering Style

Include Bullet List with Sub Level Bullet

Include Mixed Lists

Include Mixed Lists within Tables

Check In / Check Out

Send Agenda Item

Duplicate Agenda Item

Delete Agenda Item

Assign Confidential Users

Add New Input Field

Agenda Item Preview

Report Output Configuration

Mark as Complete

Send for Approval

Revert to Draft

View History

Move Agenda Item

Force Approval

Download Agenda

Change Font Colour of TOC in the Agenda Report

Display Brief in TOC in the Agenda Report

Send Agenda

Finalise Agenda

View Agenda History

Meeting Management – Join Meeting


Meeting Workspace – Participant/Member View


Highlight Text to Comment

Sketch (Pen)

Meeting Workspace – Organiser View


Add Notes

Delete Notes

Edit Notes


Auto Populate Voting Content

Taking a Vote

Division Vote


Add Action

Mark In/Out

Revert to Confidential

Email Agenda Item

Mark Attendance

Start Meeting

Pause Meeting

End Meeting

Auto Generate Actions

View Full Agenda 

Preview Minute Output


Meeting Management – Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes Access

Minutes Workspace – Participant Member View

Minutes Workspace – Organizer View

Publish Draft Minutes

Finalise Meeting Minutes

Meeting Management – Follow Up Actions


Action Item Access

Action Snapshot

Assigning Action Items

Other Functionalities

System Summary

Device Requirement

User Access Levels


Administration – Overview

Administration – Setup

Site Configuration

Output Configuration

Position Terminology

Attendance Terminology

Voting Terminology

Motion Terminology


Dictionary Management

Custom Fields

Grid Configuration

Data Upload Templates

Administration – Manage Users

Search Users

Add Users

Edit User

Delete User

Administration – Teams

View Teams

Search Team

Add Team

Edit Team

Delete Team

Administration – Committee

View Committees

Search Committee

Add Committee

Edit Committee

Delete Committee

Administration – Locations

View Locations

Search Location

Add Location

Edit Location

Delete Location

Administration – Legislation

View Legislations

Add Legislations

Add Legislations

Delete Legislations

Administration – Report Templates

View Templates

Add New Report template

Edit Report Template

Delete Report Template

Administration – Agenda Template

View Agenda Template

Add Agenda Template

Create Agenda Detail

Designing a cover image

Preview the design

Designing Header/Footer

Create Agenda

Copy Agenda Template

Administration – Email Notifications

Email Templates

View Email templates

Add new email template

Delete Email Template

Email Notifications

View Email notifications

Add Email Notifications

Add email notification – General

Administration – Retrieve Deletion