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Introduction & Logging In

Welcome to Camms.Project

How do I log into Camms.Project?

Single Sign On

Self Hosted

What if I forgot Password

Home Page & Navigation

Top Navigation Panel

Quick Navigation Menu

Home Page Overview

Common Icons

My Settings


Change Password

Landing Page

Project Hub

My Quick Update

Personal Discussion Group

Key Project Concepts

Creating a New Project


Creating a New Project

Duplicating an Existing Project

Project Register


Register Views

User Permissions in Portfolio View

Navigating through the Project List

Functionalities available within the Project Register

Updating Project Information instantly via Project Quick Update

Quick Project Update

Customisation and Advanced Search in the Project Register

View History of Projects

View Sign Off History of Projects

Viewing Projects you are a member of the Board and Team

Accessing Project Hub from the Project Register

Export Project Register to Excel/Word

Sorting and Grouping Projects

My Quick Update


My Projects

My Project Tasks

My Project Task Filters

Kanban view in My Project Tasks

My Project Risks

My Project Risks Filters

My Risk Actions

Performance of Risk Actions

Performance Thresholds

My Risk Actions Filters

My Risk Controls

My Risk Controls Filters

My Issues

Issue Register Object

My Issues Filters

My Issue Actions

Issue Register Object

My Issue Actions Filters

My Issue Decisions

Issue Register Object and Groupings

My Approvals

Sign Offs

Sign Offs Report

Change Requests

Change Request Report

Project Hub

Project Hub Overview

Left Side Panel Functionality

Project Search

Show My Projects/Show All Projects

Project Display

Project Overview and Life Cycle

Functionalities available in Project Hub

Project Hub – Project Tab

Project Hub – Budgets Tab

Project Hub – Schedule Tab

Project Hub – Risks Tab

Risks tab

Create New Risks

Edit Risk Details

Risk Actions tab

Adding a New Risk Action

Edit Risk Action Details

Colour codes of the performance indicator of risk treatment actions

Performance Thresholds

Risk Controls tab

Edit Risk Control Details

Adding a New Risk Control

Linking an existing Risk Control Template

Project Hub – Incidents Tab

Linking an incident to a project

Adding a new incident and link it to the project

Editing an existing incident

Deleting an existing incident linkage

Project Hub – Issues Tab

Issues tab

Adding a New Issue

Issue Actions tab

Edit Issue Actions

Adding a New Issue Action

Decisions tab

Editing existing decisions

Adding a New Decision

Project Hub – Actual Budget Tab

Project Hub – Documents Tab

Adding a New Document

File Upload

Add an URL Link

Adding a TRIM Link

Adding a Share Point Link

Sending a document/URL for sign off

Exporting information of documents

Project Hub – Approvals Tab

Sign Off Points section

Sign Offs Report

Project Master Report

Sign Off Items section

Change Requests section

Change Request Report

Project Hub – Activity Tab

Project Hub – Discussion Tab

Chat Messaging Panel

The Recent tab

The Contacts tab

Sending Messages

Sending Messages to an Individual

Sending Messages to a Personal Group

Sending Messages to an Administrative Group

Notifications for New/Unread Messages

Notifications within other areas of Camms.Project

Creating Personal Groups for Chat Messaging

Creating Administrative Groups for Chat Messaging

Project Hub – Dashboard Tab

Project Hub – History Tab

Project Sign Off History

Project Comments History

Project Hub – Child Projects Tab

Parent Child Project Relationship


Rollup of details between Parent and Child Projects

Rollup of Project Status

Rollup of Project % Complete

Rollup of Project Duration (Start and End Date)

Client Admin Setting to Manage Rollup Functionality

Project Hub – Change Request Tab

Change Request tab

View Change Requests

Creating new change requests

Editing Change Requests

Deleting Change Requests

Viewing the Change Request Report

Lessons Learned Register

Lessons Learned Register

Grouping lessons learned by a certain field

Filtering Lessons Learned

Business Requirement

Requirement Register

Details – Creating Requirements

Editing Requirements



Resource Manager

Allocation Overview

Resource Utilisation

Filter Criteria

Saving filters as templates

Searching by selecting an already existing template

Viewing, editing and deleting existing templates

Setting a search template as default

Daily, weekly and monthly views

Viewing allocations of resources

Project Utilisation

Filtering Criteria

Viewing resources allocated to projects

Executive Explorer

Project Dashboard

Dashboard Widgets

Editing Executive Dashboards

Overview Section

Project Portfolio View

Project Budget

Resource Allocation

Financial Target

Project Overview

Project Charts

Project Milestones

Project Statuses

The Objects


Project Positions – Overview

Project Details

Project Details tab

Project Expenditure tab

Project Phase tab

Exporting information in the Details object

Advanced Scope

Add Document Links

Sending a document/URL for sign off

Reference Object

Child Projects Tab

Referenced Projects tab

Exporting information in the Reference Object

Assess Project Result

Assessment Model Object

Attach Documents

Upload a File

Add a TRIM link

Adding a Share Point Link

Add a URL Link

Sending a document/URL for sign off

Exporting the information in the object

Business Case

Business Case Details Tab

Project Objectives Tab

Project Delivery Options Tab

Exporting the information in the object

Custom Object

Custom Table tab

Custom Attachment tab

Sending a document/URL uploaded in Custom Attachment tab for sign off

Data Upload Wizard functionality

Evaluation Assessment

Interplan Link

Link a Project to an Action

Link a Project to a Task

Exporting the information in the object

Issue Register

KPI Progress

Exporting the information in the object


Exporting the information in the object

Lessons Learned

Lessons tab

Adding a New Lesson

Reference Lessons tab

Linking a Lesson to the Project

Exporting the information in the object

Objectives Assessment

Project Objectives Tab

Project Budget Tab

Preliminary Budget

Record External Funding

Record Income and Expenditure

Ongoing Expenses Section

Source of Funds


Project Implementation Budget

Project Linkage

Project Linkage Strategy Section

Project Linkage Service Profile Section

Project Linkage Funding Partner

Exporting information in the Project Linkage object

Project Outputs

Project List

Exporting information in the Project List object

Risk Assessment

Add a New Risk

Risk Treatment Actions

Colour codes of the performance indicator of risk treatment actions

How is the performance of risk treatment actions calculated?

Performance Thresholds

Future Risk Assessment

Risk Review



Exporting information in the object

Scope/Project Notes

Stakeholder Analysis

Task Planning

Gantt Chart for Project Tasks

Kanban Board for Project Tasks

Navigating to the Kanban board

Viewing the Kanban board in full-screen

Updating the progress of tasks

Deleting tasks

Viewing and updating additional details of tasks

Kanban board in the My Quick Update page

Permission to the Kanban board in the Task Planning object and Project Hub

Final Approval

Exporting the information in the object

Project Board and Team

Exporting the information in the object

Close Project

Exporting the information in the object

Incident Object

Linking an incident to a project

Adding a new incident and link it to the project

Editing an existing incident

Deleting an existing incident linkage

Signing Off

Applying for Approval

Completing a sign-off

Sign-Off Emails

Sign-Off General Comments

Sign-Off History Comments

Terminate Project

Change Request Functionality

Editing change requests

Time Entry and Costing

Time Entry

Adding a time entry record

Time Entry Summary

Time & Cost Utilisation

Time Utilisation Analysis

Creating and Managing Tasks

Multiple Staff Assigning

Outlining Tasks into Sub Tasks and Summary Tasks

Creating a Milestone

Creating Task Dependencies

Adding Constraints to Tasks

Set Lead or Lag Time between Tasks

Auto-saving functionality

Saving a Baseline Plan

Tracking Changes

Allowed File Type Extensions within Camms.Project

Microsoft Project Add-in



Installation Process

Configuring the Project Add-in

Opening & Editing Projects in Microsoft Project

Document Log

Reporting Tool (Report Uploader Setup and Report Uploader)


Report Uploader Setup

Report Uploader

Uploading a new Crystal report

Uploading a Microsoft SRS Report

Adding parameters to the uploaded report

Editing existing parameters

Deleting existing parameters

Editing an existing standard/custom report

Deleting a custom report from the Report Uploader

Previewing the report

Report Explorer

Project Listing Report

Project Proposal Report

Project Selection Report

Project Evaluation Report

Project Progress Report

Project Rollout Summary Report

Lessons Learnt Report

Budget Report

Project Report

Project Tasks by Business Unit Report

Master Report

Premium Report

Project Status Report

Project Traffic Light Report

Project Staff Task Responsibility Report

Project Scope and Deliverable Report


Integration between the Products

User Roles in Camms.Project

Administration Framework – Project Settings

Project Code

Project Types & Workflow Links

IPM List System Positions

Project Position


Manage Users

Progress Calculation

Project progress calculation Options

Project Progress Calculation

Progress Threshold Setting


Email Templates

Email Snippets

Fields in Email Snippets

Email Rules

Consolidated emails 

Assessment Template

Creating a New Assessment Template

Defining Criteria

Duplicate Template

Configure Assessment Template Elements

Option Dropdown

Matrix Representation

IPM Lists

Making a list item active/inactive

Custom Lists

Baseline Comparison


Risk Assessment

Initial Settings


Risk Criteria

Risk Appetite Benchmark

Rating Type





Risk Review Commentary

Consequence Table

Likelihood Table

Risk Templates

Legislation & Business Process

Field Configuration


Enter a label name for a field

Add a help text to a field

Making a field visible and/or mandatory

Making a field visible in the My Quick Updates page

Hyperlinked fields

Risk Review tab

Risk Controls

Risk Actions

Custom Lists

Budget Types

Preliminary Budget Line

Project Register View

Project Portfolio View (Portfolio Project)

Project Budget View

Executive Search

Organisational Budget

Asset Setup

Asset Configuration

Adding an Asset Hierarchy


Stakeholder Analysis

System Settings

System Settings

Attach Document

Integration with Document Management system

Hide Grid Grouping Icons in Attach Document Object

Hide Upload Document Area


Preliminary Budget Ongoing Expenses include Completion Year

Preliminary Budget Ongoing Expenses Years

Budget Information To Be Taken From Project Account Mapping

Show Custom Object Tab in Project Budget Preliminary

Show Custom Rich Fields in Project Budget Preliminary

Show Operational Cost Data in Project Budget Preliminary

Show Trim Section in Project Budget Preliminary

Validate Ongoing Expenses In Project Budget Preliminary

Business Case

Copy Current Objectives When Creating New Case

Display Business Case Objective Unique ID

Department Interest (Project Linkage)

Include Additional Dates in Reports

Include Additional Comments


Default To Organisation Hierarchy On Portfolio

Disable Gantt Auto Calculated Summary Task

Enable Manual Scheduling On Gantt

Initial Duration For a New Task

Show Full Staff Name on Gantt

Show Tooltip on Gantt Chart

Is Project Duration Based On Gantt

Issue Register

Disable the validation between Resolve Date and Issue Status



Allow Calculated Project Progress

Duplicate Phases

Hide Finish Tab

If There Is No Schedule Target And Actual Is Zero

Omit Positions Permissions For Sign Off General Comments

Project Administrator Can Edit Baseline Dates

Project Board

Copy Project Board Data To Next Phase On Sign Off Approval

Notify that the primary project sponsor is mandatory

Can Approve Projects By Project Selection


Project Report Positions

Making the GANTT 'Read Only' in Quick Update

Hide Budget column in Quick Update

Hide Budget column in Quick Update

Show Total Expenditure In Quick Update

Sign Off

Go to Close Object when Reject Phase Or Object

Maintain History in Project Board and Team


Enable To Add Same Stakeholder Multiple Times

Preliminary Budget Ongoing Expenses include Completion Year

Allow Members to mark an object as completed

Stakeholder Analysis

Asset Configuration and Setup

Adding an Asset Hierarchy

Asset Setup

Discussion Group

Lessons Learned

Time Entry Configuration

Administration Framework – Project Workflows

Project Workflows

Create a New Workflow

Conditional Workflow

Change Request Workflow

Creating Phases and Objects

Using Sign off and Generic Email objects in Phases

Configuring Objects

Configuring Project Details

Details Tab

Expenditure Tab

Phase Tab

Configuring Project Linkage

Project Linkage Strategy

Project Linkage Service Profile

Project Linkage Funding Partner

Configuring Attach Documents

Attach Documents

Configuring Preliminary Budget

Preliminary Budget

Ongoing Expenses

Custom Object

Source of Funds


Configuring Business Case

Business Case Details

Business Case Project Objectives

Business Case Project Delivery Options | Project Outputs

Configuring Assessment Model

Assessment Model

Configuring Evaluation Assessment

Evaluation Assessment

Configuring Stakeholder Analysis

Configuring Risk Assessment

Configuring KPIs

KPI Explorer

KPI Explorer: KPIs

KPI Explorer: Target or Actual

KPI Explorer: Graph

KPI Evaluation

Configuring interplan Link

Create New Action

Existing Action

Linked Action

Configuring Final Approval

Configuring Custom Object

Configuring Scope

Scope/Project Notes

Configuring Task Planning

Task Planning

Configuring Task Update

Task Update

Configuring Issue Register

Issues tab

Actions tab

Decisions tab

Configuring Project Implementation Budget

Configuring KPI Progress

KPI Progress

Configuring Assess Project Result

Configuring Objectives Assessment

Project Objectives

Project Budget

Configuring Lessons Learned

Configuring Advance Scope

Configuring Project Lists

Configuring Close Project

Configuring Incident object

Credit Risk Assessment

Configuring Terminate a Project Object

Configure Position Permission for Each Object within a Workflow

Mark an Object as Completed

Configure from which Previous Object (Activity) the Project should Get Opened

Assigning Sign Off Templates

Sign Off Process Details

View Signed off Time in the History Section

Configuring the sign off process for document approvals

Administration Framework – Configuring the Objects

Workflow Objects

Synchronising task plans with Microsoft Planner (accessed via Microsoft Teams)

Creating new tasks in the plan via Microsoft Teams

Updating properties of existing tasks via Microsoft Teams

Deleting existing tasks via Microsoft Teams

Statuses of the synchronisation process

Changing sync preferences