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Introduction & Logging In


Key Benefits

Key Functionalities

Logging In

Forgot Password

Home Page & Navigation

Home Page

Welcome Panel

Header Panel

Mega Menu Navigation

Side Navigation

Common Icons

Workspace – My Quick Update


My Quick Update

My Actions

Grid View

Action Progress Update

Kanban View 

My Tasks 

Task Progress Update


KPI Progress Update

My Risks

Risk Assessment

My Risk Actions

Risk Action Progress Update

My Risk Controls 

My Audit Recommendations

My Projects

Project Task 

Project Approvals

Workspace – My Workspace

My Performance

My Key Indicators

My Key Actions

Key Action Views

Workspace – My Reports

Workspace – Executive Intelligence System (EIS)

Executive Intelligence System (Overview) | Security

Overview Tab

Alerts Settings

Action Thresholds

System Alerts

EIS Controls

Period View Control

Hierarchy Tree Structure

Filter | Grouping and Sorting

Exporting to Excel

EIS Action Tab

EIS Budget Tab


EIS Scorecards Tab

EIS Risks Tab

Workspace – Executive Portal

Sign off Rules

Workspace – My Settings

Change Password


Quick Update Settings

Items per grid in Quick Update

Quick Update Section

EIS Area Settings

Action Exception

Budget Exception

KPI Exception 

Homepage Landing Page Settings

KPI Graph

Quick Update Section

Favorite Reports

Personal Discussion Groups

Create a new Personal Discussion Group

Modify an Existing Personal Discussion Group

Workspace – Strategy Map


Node's Type and Name

View Details

Strategy Map Configurations

Action Performance

KPI Performance

Workspace – Favourites



Client Details






Related Plans

Priority Criteria


Target Initiatives

Action Grouping

Planning – Community Strategic Plan


Navigation Pad

Vision | Mission

Core Values

Environmental Analysis

Linking a Solution




'Move To' dropdown

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – Overview


Business Unit Overview

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – Core Values

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – Service Profiles

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – SWOT

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – Actions


Action Details 



Related Plans



Task Planning 

Task Creation

Task Details

Task Ordering

Related Plans


Task Document

Action Grouping


Linking Custom Hierarchy Nodes

Linking a new project within the Integration Project Manager

Linking an existing project

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – Weight and Priorities

Planning – Delivery Program / Operational Plan – KPIs

Planning – Service Delivery


Service Profile Grouping

Service Profile

Current Approach

Future Approach

Action Budget

Performance Management – KPIs


Creating a KPI

Linking KPIs 

Related Plans 

Setting up Targets 

KPI Graphs 

Links Tab 

Types of KPI 

Trend KPIs 

LGPRF Solution 


Rollup KPIs 

Creating Rollup KPIs 

Target and Actuals

Trend KPIs 

Creating Trend KPIs

Calculated KPIs 

Creating Calculated KPIs

Target and Actuals

Performance Management – Scorecards


Creating a Scorecard 

Linking Scorecards



Scorecard Calculation Example

KPI Performance Calculations

Custom Hierarchies


Custom Hierarchy Security Matrix

Hierarchy Configuration

Hierarchy Tab

Adding a New Hierarchy

Editing Existing Hierarchy

Hierarchy Level Tab


Linking to Actions

Action Menu

Linking Hierarchy Nodes

Hierarchy Navigation Pad

Reports – Community Strategic Plan


Reporting Selection Criteria


Community Strategic Planning

Strategies by Target Initiatives

Strategic Plan Report

Strategies by Responsible Person Report

Strategies by Committee Report

Reports – Delivery Program / Operational Plan

Corporate Reporting

Corporate Plan Report

Division Report 

Business Reporting

Business Plan Report

Council Plan  


Action and Task Progress Report

Action Progress by Business Unit and Responsible Officer

Council Plan Progress Report

Premium Action and Task Progress Report


Quarterly Progress Report

Quarterly Progress Report by Business Unit

Risk Report

3 Year Corporate Progress Report

Annual Business Progress Report

Annual Report

Action Filter Report

Progress Report

Business Unit Actions Progress vs Op. Plan

Specialist Plan Progress Report 

Action Reporting

Actions by committees

Actions by Target Initiatives

Reports – Service Delivery

3 Year Service Profile Report

3 Year Service Profile Actuals Report

Actions by Service Profile Report

Global Service Profile Actual Report

Global Service Profile Report

Management Plan by Business Unit Report

Management Plan Report

Reports – Executive Reporting


CEO’s Report

Board Scorecard Report

Corporate Business Plan Report

Executive Report

Corporate Business Plan Progress Report

Performance Report

Premium Executive Report

Reports – Administration

Action List Report

User Overview Report

Organisation View

Staff List

Organisational List 

Organisational Reports (Favourites)


Tools – Executive Build


Creating an Executive Report

Adding Executive Actions

Editing Action Comments

Adding Executive KPIs

Adding Executive Scorecards

Adding Executive Comments

Executive Portal

To Update Commentary

To Update Actions, KPIs and Scorecards

Sign off Rules

Tools – Financial Interface


Import Account Data

Map Account to Service Profile

Map Accounts to Actions

Import to Camms.Strategy

Tools – Quick Search


Quick Action Search

Quick Action Update

Quick Executive Update

Quick Task Search 

Quick Task Update

Quick KPI Search

Quick KPI Update

Tools – Rollover

Rollover Overview

What is Rollover? 

When should Rollover be undertaken?

Rollover Start (Stage 1)

During Rollover/ In between Rollover

Whilst you are in between rollover as we say (after stage 1 and before stage 2)

Rollback Rollover

Rollover Complete (Stage 2) | Archive Periods

Performance Management Section

Important Rollover Business Rules

People & Performance

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Project Management

Interactive Business Planner (IBP)

Budget Management Centre (BMC)

Audit Manager

Administration – Users



User List

Manage Users


User Roles


Access Archive Period

Business Planner

Business Unit Manager



Executive Intelligence

Financial Controller

Next Business Cycle

Operational User

Performance Manager


Strategic Planner

Risk Manager

Operational Risk Editor 

Project Risk Editor

Strategic Risk Editor

Strategic Risk Viewer

Operational Risk Viewer

Project Risk Viewer

Project Creator

Project Manager

Resource Administrator

IPM Administrator

PES Administrator

Audit Settings Administrator

GOV Audit Administrator

OHS Audit Administrator

IBP Administrator

WPC Administrator

RevuMap Administrator

RevuMap Planning Manager

Staff Grouping

Administration – Role Management

Creating User Roles and Assigning to Staff

Creating a User Role

Assigning User Roles to Staff

Assigning Multiple Product Permissions to User Roles

Replication of User Roles

SYCLE Mode – Flexible Hierarchy Menu Items

Risk Standalone Mode – Flexible Hierarchy Menu Items

Hierarchy Filters

Functionality of Hierarchy Trees within EIS and Analysis Areas

Hierarchy Linkages

Link to the Organisation Hierarchy

Linking Risks to the Custom Organisation Hierarchy using Links tab

Linking Actions to the Hierarchy

Enhanced Security Permissions



Camms.Risk Audit

Camms.Risk Incident

Administration – Email Notifications


Email Notifications

Adding a new email notification

Editing an existing email notification Editing the 'Starting on' date for emails

Deleting an existing email notification

Activating/Deactivating an email notification

Email Templates

Adding an Email Template Editing an existing email template

Deleting an existing email template

Email Notification Log

Administration – Data Export

Administration – Configuration



Action Progress Targets

Financial Performance

Report Uploader Setup

Reports – Report Uploader

Report Uploader – Overview

Adding a new report

Adding a Crystal Report

Adding a Microsoft SRS report

Database Diagrams

Adding Parameters

Adding Parameters to Crystal Reports

Creating a new parameter

Previewing the Report

Existing Report

Editing a standard report

Editing a custom report

Spell Checker Dictionary

Custom Fields

Action Progress Threshold

EIS Settings

Navigation Pad Settings

Executive Comment Type

Budget Threshold

KPI Quick Update Settings

Quick Update Grid Settings

Replicate KPI Targets

Strategy Map Configuration

Tag Configuration

Administration – Action List

Administration – Settings


Show System Period Pane

Enable System Period Permission Boost

Make current system period default

Executive Comments Tracking

Enable Trend data to be displayed in EIS

Reverse income budget

KPI trend to be based on Actual value

Business Rules

Display Opening Balance in Action Budget

Approve Corporate Plan

Action Permission Boost

Filter Graphs in EIS and My Performance

Disable Creating Planning Elements

Enable Front Page KPI By Reporting Officer

Enable user to enter targets against Action Revised date

Enable Confidentiality for Action and KPI

Action Ref

Change Action Numbering

Hide Completed Actions

Allow Planning External links

Make next system period default for external links

Hide Add New Button In Quick Navigation Menu

Maximum sub task level

Hide milestone comments and stage

Configure Quick Update Hyperlinks

Display "Period" based traffic lights in My Quick Update KPI

Display Individual Periods

Display Last Closed Period in My Quick Update Actions

Display Last Closed Period in My Quick Update KPI

Document Management

Enable Account Data Delete Button

Enable annual target label in KPI Target/ Actual page

Enable Home Page Grid On Demand Load

Hide Related Issues (SWOT)

Make Task Completion Date Mandatory

Render Navigation Pad As a List

Restrict Adding Actions Into Executive Reports

Enable tags to Actions, Tasks and KPIs

Enable tags to KPI Targets / Actuals 

Limit Decimal Places in Budget

Administration – GIS Administration

Default Location

Setup Shapefiles

Administration – Reassign Staff Responsibilities

View Responsibilities

Reassign Responsibil]ities

Integration between the Products