Camms is pleased to bring you the Quarterly Product Release Notification for our latest solution Camms.Risk Survey and Assessments Capability.

This quarter we've got a number of exciting new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system, which will be available in your Test environment on 11th September 2021 and will be available in your Live instance on 25th September 2021.

Disabling sharing and setting frequency of a survey once it has been shared

This update will disable sharing and setting the frequency of a survey once it has been shared, and will only be able to edit it once the assessment has been manually ended. This has been put in place to help administrators avoid inadvertent survey email triggers to participants by changing frequency of an already shared survey. 

How does this work?

  • The 'Sharing Option' and 'Set Frequency' fields under the 'Frequency' (accessed via Camms.Survey > Survey Register > Survey workspace > Recipient tab) will be disabled once a survey is shared and will not allow you to make any changes.

Figure 1.1: Fields disabled once survey is shared

  • You will be able to edit these fields only if the shared survey is manually ended by clicking the 'End Assessment' button.
  • The 'Set Frequency' and 'Sharing Option' fields will be enabled if the last recurrence date has passed i.e., when the survey has expired.

Figure 1.2: Fields enabled once survey is manually ended or expired

Figure 1.3: Notification to indicate that the frequency can only be changed if an active survey is ended