The logic for the numbering of risks in the Risk Heatmap Report is as follows. 

Essentially, each node in the heatmap refers to a specific risk record that could either be an Inherent, Residual or Future Risk. The key legend for the color codes can be located at the top of the heatmap, as provided below.

The color code of each type of risk nodes are as follows:

  • Gray – Inherent, 

Indicates where the Inherent risk rating of a particular risk falls into

  • White – Residual,

Signifies where the Residual risk rating of a specific risk is to be allocated

  • Black – Future

Represents where the Future risk rating is to be targeted to 

The exhibited numbering provided are report-specific numbers assigned for each of the risks to be presented in the heatmap. These numbers are assigned for each of the risks upon report generation. The relevant risk record corresponding to the number is displayed in the Risk Summary table. Please refer to the below image for more clarity.  


Therefore, there can be a residual risk node that has the number of '5' within the 'Consequence x Possible' field, and has an associated future risk node of the same number in the 'Minor x Unlikely' field. These two nodes represent the same risk, but for different types - one to represent the Inherent and the other for the future.