The final step of the Corporate Business Planning process is KPIs. In this area, KPIs (which have already been linked through the KPI input page) to a Business Unit can be viewed and updated depending on your security level. You cannot link new KPIs to the Business Unit through this area. This must be done through the KPI input page.

  • STEP 1: Go to Menu > Planning > Planning > Delivery Program / Operational Plan > KPIs. Then, the KPI page will be displayed as shown in the image below:

You can edit, view or update a KPI that has been linked to the current business unit from this page. You can also ‘Remove’ KPIs that have been linked, but you cannot add a new KPI to the business plan.  

The Remove button is greyed out for Rollup KPIs as they are likely to span across several levels of the organisational hierarchy and not just applicable to this business unit. They can only be unlinked from this business unit through the KPI record itself.

  • STEP 2: To edit, click on a particular KPI title hyperlink. It will direct you to the Manage KPI page.