Step 01 : Go to the Camms.Connect available for your region.

You can sign up either at our Live or Demo Developer Portals specific to your region.
(Demo if you want to connect to Test or Train databases).

AU Region. For Test and Train environment.

UK Region. Test and Train environment.

USA Region. - For Test and Train environment.

North American Region - For Test and Train environment. - For live environment.

Middle Eastern Region - For Test and Train environment. - For live environment.

Asia Region - For Test and Train environment.  - For live environment.

Step 02  : Click on the Sign - Up tab of the top right corner.

Figure 1 : Camms.Connect developer portal top menu bar

Step 03 : Fill in the required fields and click on "Sign - Up".

Figure 2 : Camms.Connect Developer Portal - Sign-Up

Step 04 : Once you complete "Step 03", you will receive an email to activate you account. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.

Figure 3 : Confirmation email

Step 05 - Once you click on the link, You will be redirected to the "Sign - In" page. Use your credentials to sign in to the Camms.Connect portal. 

Figure 4 : Camms.Connect developer portal - Sign in

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