Step 01 : Login to the Camms.Connect API Developer Portal and go to ‘Products’. Click on the product you want to subscribe to.
NOTE: If you do not have your login credentials yet, follow the instructions at the link below to sign up for your user account first:
How do I sign up to the Camms.Connect Developer Portal? 

Camms.Connect Product Page

 Figure 1 : Camms.Connect developer portal - Product Page


Step 02:

Enter any name for your subscription and click Subscribe

Figure 2 : Camms.Connect developer portal - Product Subscription Page

Step 03 : Our team will then need to review your request/s and approve them, you will get an email as below image, when it is approved.

NOTE : The approval process may take approximately 24 hours to confirm, and the subscription approval will be based on your connector purchase details. 

Figure 3 : Subscription approval email

Step 04 : Once approved, you can go to the ‘Profile’ section of the Developer Portal and it will show your available subscription details. You will also be able to see the active status of your subscription key.

Figure 4 : Camms.Connect developer portal - Profile Page