Overview of CAMMS Product Suite Structure

CAMMS product suite consists of a number of products that is built atop a common database (i.e. all CAMMS products use 1 database in the backend per organisation).

This means there are some attributes that are always shared between all products:–Staff–Users–Organisation Structure (incl. service profiles)–Planning Structure–Custom Hierarchies–Stakeholders (also called Agencies)–Core Values

A change done in one place, affects all others for above elements (e.g. staff name changed in strategy will reflect in project and risk)

Summary View of Linkages between Products

Links from CAMMS Strategy 


– An action can be linked to a Project (then Action’s Tasks will sync with Project’s Tasks)

– Risks created in the ‘Risks’ tab of an action becomes a ‘Project Risk’ in cammsrisk


– A task can be linked to a Project


– KPIs can be linked to Projects and Risks (however updates to KPIs always happens via cammsstrategy)

Environmental Analysis/SWOT

– All SWOT items (at strategy or corporate planning) can be converted to risks, and their solutions into risk actions

Links from CAMMS Project


– A project can be linked to an existing Action in cammsstrategy or a new one created (through ‘Interplan Link’ object)

– A project can also be linked to a Task. In this case, the Project’s Tasks will become sub-tasks in cammsstrategy

– A project can be linked to Strategy. If the Project is also linked to an Action, the primary strategy will be the same as that of the action - Changing the primary strategy in Project will affect the Action as well. 

– Risks created within the Risk Assessment object become ‘Project Risks’

- Risk Actions created within those risk can be converted to a ‘Task’ of the linked action (if the project is linked to action)

– When a project is linked to an action, based on setting ‘Budget information to be taken from project account mapping’ following can happen:

• If this is ‘On’, the budget will be retrieved from directly from accounts mapped to that project within the Account Mapping object If this is ‘Off’, budget will be taken from Action/Task that’s Project is linked. 

• If this is off and Project is not linked to an action, you will see a message like this in the Project’s implementation budget object

– Note that budgets never flow ‘backwards’ i.e. it doesn’t flow from project to actions.

– Once Projects and Actions are linked, it is possible to ‘sync’ the following fields:

• Action Responsible Person = Field mapped as ‘interplan responsible person’ in Project Positions

• Action Start & End Date = Project Start and End Date

• Action % Complete = Project % Complete

• Action Progress Comment = Project Progress Comment

• Action Status = Project Status

Links from CAMMS Risk 


– Updates to Project Risks within cammsrisk will update the relevant project risk in cammsproject

– Risks can be linked to Org Structure, Planning Structure, KPIs, Custom Hierarchy, Incidents, Audits, Findings, Recommendations and other Risks – however these are ‘plain links’ for the purposes of filtering and reporting. It doesn’t affect the data in that Risk.

–Updates to Strategy Risks linked to Environmental Analysis items and Operational Risks linked to SWOT items, changes done to those risks and risk actions will reflect in cammsstrategy


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