The quick access menu on the left will help you access some of the common areas within system. They are:

  1. Add New - Click here to add a new assessment.
  2. Quick Update - Click here to see the progress of your assessments, 360 invitations and team assessments.
  3. View Assessment - Click here to view assessments.
  4. Training Application - Click here to view your training requests or submit a new training request.
  5. Dashboard - Click here to see the executive dashboard of the assessments in your organisation based on your security role.
  6. Job Library - Click here to access the job library.
  7. Reports - Click here to access the cammstalent reports.

The mega menu which is accessed by clicking on the hamburger icon on the top banner will help you access every section available to you within the system. 

Note: Some of these options may not be seen in your system depending on the cammstalent package purchased by your organisation and the security roles set to you by your administrator. If your organisation want to activate or know about the additional features available in cammstalent, please have your administrator contact CAMMS support.