CAMMS is  proud to present the release note for the revamped version of PES (Personnel Evaluation System), now known as cammstalent. This new release includes significant improvements to the User Interface, Usability, Assessment Process and more. 

The Release is set for 08th of March 2020 and the key upgrades and value added features have been explained below. However, if you require any further information on this release, please refer to the cammstalent User Manual or contact the CAMMS Support Team.

Revamped Login screen

The login screen has been Revamped to improve the look and feel.

Figure 1: cammstalent Login Page

Figure 2: cammstalent Password Recovery Page

Added a Mega Menu to access the administrative settings

All the administrative settings and other general settings are now organised and shown in the Mega Menu accessed via the top banner.

Figure 3: Previous cammstalent Administrative Settings

Figure 4: cammstalent Mega Menu

Added a Quick Access menu

A new Quick Access menu is added to the left side of the application, which will allow you to easily access some of the commonly used areas in cammstalent.

Figure 5: cammstalent Quick Access Menu

Organised the home page

In the previous version of cammstalent, the Assessments were shown in three different sections called My Assessments, 360 Invitations and Managed Assessments. The Assessments in the new release are now shown under three different tabs called My Assessments, 360 Invitations and Team Assessments.

Figure 6: Previous cammstalent Home Page

 Figure 7: New cammstalent Home Page

Enhanced user interface and experience in the Assessment Homepage

The Assessment Homepage has been improved where the font styles, font colors, icons, headings and other areas have been carefully selected to better support your user experience.

Figure 8: Previous cammstalent Assessment Home Page

Figure 9: New cammstalent Assessment Home Page

Ability to attach documents and add links to an assessment

You can now add attachments and links to an Assessment by clicking on the attachment button placed on the top right corner of an Assessment.

Figure 10: cammstalent Attachment Button

Figure 11: cammstalent Add Attachment/Link Popup

Ability to manage and replicate Competencies yearly

In the previous version of cammstalent you were only allowed to manage one set of Competencies which was used every time for all the reporting years. With this release, you now have the ability to manage a different set of Competencies for each reporting year. 

Figure 12: Previous cammstalent Competencies Page

Figure 13: New cammstalent Competencies Page

Going forward, if you want the same set of Competencies used in a previous reporting year to be included in the next reporting year, you can simply replicate the Competencies using the replicate feature.

Figure 14: cammstalent Replicate Competencies page

Introducing a new and improved Dashboard

Everything you need to know about your staff Assessments at a glance! The dashboard is now improved to present detailed information related to users and their Assessments in your organisation.

Figure 15: cammstalent Dashboard Page

In addition, you can now export individual visualisations from the dashboard.

Figure 16: Exporting a Chart in cammstalent

Ability to configure the Assessment rating colors for the dashboard and reports

The rating colours can now be changed from the Configure Terminologies settings area which is accessed via the Mega Menu.

Figure 17: cammstalent Configure Terminologies Page

Ability to design your own assessment elements using Custom Elements 

You can now create your own assessment elements with assessment criteria matching your organisation and staff. This feature could be accessed via the new Mega Menu added to cammstalent.

Figure 18: Creating a Custom Element in cammstalent

Ability to design flexible feedback forms for Job Satisfaction Surveys

You can now create Job Satisfaction surveys for your organisation and staff which could be selected for assessments by the Assessee or the reporting officer.

Figure 19: Designing a Job Satisfaction Form in cammstalent

Figure 20: Job Satisfaction Element during Self Assessment Phase in cammstalent

Allow Administrators to edit Assessments

This new feature will allow administrators within your HR or 'People and Culture' teams to prepare updates on behalf of assessees or reporting officers during 'Setup', 'Self-Assessment' and 'Assessment' phases.