CAMMS is pleased to announce the April Feature Release for cammsstrategy

This was released on 24th April 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system.

1. Tags now visible in Kanban view

Tags added to actions are now visible in the Kanban view within My Quick Update area.

Tags are visible in action cards and in the action detail pop-up within the Kanban view. 

Figure 1 - Tags in Action cards in Kanban view

Figure 2 - Tags in Action Detail popup in Kanban view

2. Sycle menu based features to cammsincident

Changes made to the banner Logo/ text, banner colour and main menu logo from the Client details page are visible in the Sycle main menu within the cammsincident module.

Figure 3 - Sycle features configuration area within Client Details page

Figure 4 - Sycle menu bar within cammsincident

3. Reporting officer field in staff details page

  • You now have a new drop down field called ‘Reporting Officer” in the staff detail page where you can select the reporting officer for each staff. 

Figure 5 -Reporting Officer field in Staff Details page

4. Auto-fill suggestion drop box to all Staff drop downs in cammsstrategy

A new auto-fill suggestion drop box is now available to all Staff drop downs in cammsstrategy, making it easy to find staff when assigning responsibilities.

Staff name suggestions appear in the drop down list as you type the staff members name letter-by-letter.

Figure 6 - Auto-fill suggestion drop box in Business Unit page

Figure 7 - Auto fill suggestion drop box in Manage User page

5. Ability to inactivate staff without removing responsibilities

Users with Administrator permission can now make staff inactive without removing their responsibilities. 

When staff is made inactive, inactive staff name appears along with the suffix “(Inactive)” in all responsibilities of that user, in the responsible officer field.

Figure 8 - Responsible officer field with an inactive staff in Action details page

Figure 9 - Risk Owner field with an inactive staff in Inherent Risk Assessment page

You can now make changes and save responsibilities without changing the inactive staff in the responsible officer field.

When you are changing the responsible officer, the Inactive user does not appear in the staff drop down. 

Note: To reassign the responsibilities of the inactive staff to another staff member, the “Reassign staff responsibilities” function (Can be found in Strategy navigation > Administration > Reassign staff responsibilities) can be used.


6. Performance improvement when navigating to cammsstrategy from cammsproject

Performance has been improved by 20% when navigating to cammsstrategy from cammsproject.