CAMMS is pleased to announce the April Feature Release for cammsstrategy

This was released on 26th June 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system.


1.    Option to directly navigate to a product without routing to SSO landing page

Customers using Single Sign On can now receive a URL that allows their users to directly navigate to a particular product, instead of having to go through the SSO landing page, where users previously selected the product. 

Note: Contact the CAMMS Support Team if you are interested in enabling this feature. Costs apply for its activation and setup.


2.    Ability to copy all the changes made for Risks in the current period when completing rollover

Within the Rollover completion area, administrators previously had the limited option of only rolling over risk action updates that were done in the Current period when you are in-between a rollover.

This release now extends this option, to include all risk data, including Risk category, Risk Appetite Benchmark, Causes, Consequences, Documents, Risk Actions, Links etc.


All risk types and risk controls are displayed within the ‘Rollover Complete’ page. All the updates made to each risk type and control in the Current period, during rollover in-between period, are copied to the next period, when the rollover is completed. Note that these options will be ticked by default to minimise error during rollover, and ensure any updates to your risks in the Current period are fully carried across to the Next period. 


Figure 1 - Updated 'Rollover Complete' page