Camms is pleased to announce the September Feature Release for Camms.Project.

This was released on 19th September and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system. 

1.  Ability to setup unique project codes based on type

  • Admin can now setup unique project codes for different project types.
  • To activate this feature, select ‘Project Type’ option from ‘Project Code is based on’ dropdown in Project Settings>Project Code.

Note: ‘General’ option refers to the existing project coding system where a common project code is assigned to all project types.


Image 1: 'Project Code is based on' dropdown in Project Settings> Project Code 

  • Upon selecting the ‘Project Type’ option, a table with the following information will be displayed on the page for the admin to define a unique project code for each project type. 
    • Project Type: Shows the project types in the system 
    • Prefix: Allows the admin to enter a ‘prefix’ for the project code. ‘Prefix’ will act as the first set of code used for project codes.
    • Suffix: Allows the admin to enter a ‘suffix’ for the project code. ‘Suffix’ will act as the last set of code used for project codes.
    • Start Number: Allows the admin to enter a start number to kick off the auto number, which will automatically increment when new projects of the respective project type are being created. 


Image 2: Ability to define ‘Prefix’, ‘Suffix’ and ‘Start Number’ for Project Types in Project Settings> Project Code

  • For example, if the admin does the following configurations for the project type ‘Major Projects’, the projects of that type will have a project code such as “MP-1-20/21”. 
    • Prefix: MP-
    • Suffix: -20/21
    • Start Number: 1


  • The system will assign the following default values for each project type. Admin can change the default configurations, if needed.  
    • Prefix: The first letters of each word in the name of the project type will be capitalized and be set as the prefix. For example, prefix for the project type ‘Major Projects’ will be “MP”. If there are project types that have the same first letters in their names, a number will automatically be added next to the prefix to make the prefix for the respective project type unique.
    • Suffix: “-“ followed by the current reporting year (i.e. “-20/21”) will be set as the suffix 
    • Start Number: “1” will be the set as the start number.


  • When you create a new project, the system will automatically assign a code for that project based on the ‘Prefix’, ‘Suffix’ and ‘Start Number’ configured for the respective project type from Project Settings> Project Code. 

Image 3: Auto-generated project code based on the project type


Note: Once the above feature is activated, the new codes will only be applied to the new projects created. Hence, the project codes of the existing projects will remain unchanged.  

Please contact Camms Support, if you wish to apply the above feature to the existing projects. 


2.  Export option in Time Entry Summary


  • An Export option is now available on Time Entry Summary page, allowing you to easily export information on to a Microsoft Excel file.

Note: This feature is available only if the Time Entry module is activated in your environment.


Image 4: Export option in Time Entry Summary