Camms is pleased to announce the December Feature Release for Camms.Strategy.

This was released on 12th December 2020 and includes the following new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system.

  1. Ability to rollover tags used in Actions and Tasks

This modification allows you to rollover tags, which are used in the current period Actions and Tasks to the next period. 

  • All existing tags used within actions and tasks in the current period will be visible in the next period while in rollover stage 1: in between rollover period.
  • When rollover is completed, 
  • Tags that were used within actions and tasks in the ‘Current Period’ will be shown in the ‘Archive Period’.


Image 1: Tags within an action in next period

  • Tags that were used within actions and tasks in the ‘Next Period’ will be shown in the ‘Current Period’.

How to exclude existing tags being rolled over to next period?

  • A new configuration called ‘Exclude Existing Tags’ has been introduced in the ‘Create New Rollover Period’ page.
  • Navigate to ‘Create New Rollover Period’ via Strategy Menu > Tools > Rollover > Start. Tick the ‘Exclude Existing Tags’ checkbox to exclude existing tags used in actions and tasks being copied to ‘Next Period’.

Image 2: 'Exclude Existing Tags' configuration in ‘Create New Rollover Period’ page

2.    Updates to Standard KPI Report

2.1.    Incorporating new Camms Branding into the report

  • Latest Camms branding have been incorporated into the KPI report cover pages.

Image 3: Improvements in appearance of the report cover page

Image 4: Improvements in appearance of the report back cover page

2.2 Visual and Layout Improvements

The revamped KPI report, has been updated to include the visual and layout improvements detailed below.

  • The appearance of the ‘KPI SUMMARY BY PERFORMANCE’ donut chart has been improved to allow clear visualisation of information.

Image 5: Improvements in appearance of KPI Summary widget

  • The appearance of information displayed within the ‘KPI detailed graph’ section is enhanced to improve comprehension of information displayed.

Image 6:: Improvements in appearance of KPI detailed graph

2.3 Addition of a new detailed section to showcase related sub-KPIs

  • Each related sub KPI is showcased as a new detailed section within the individual KPI detailed grid.

Image 7: Appearance of related sub-KPIs within the KPI detailed graph