Camms is pleased to bring you the Quarterly Product Release Note for Camms.Risk Compliance Management.

This quarter we've got a number of exciting new features and enhancements to improve your user experience within the system, which will be available in your Test environment on 4th December 2021 and will be available in your Live instance on 18th December 2021.

Hiding inactive compliance records by default in compliance registers

This enhancement will default you to view only active Compliance Obligation, Authority Document, and Policy records within the relevant registers. However, you will have the option to filter and view inactive records within registers, if required.

Additionally, this will prevent email notifications from being triggered by inactive Compliance Obligation, Authority Document, and Policy records.

Figure 1: Active obligations displayed in the register

How will this work?

  • By default, the Compliance Obligation, Authority Document, and Policy Registers will display only 'Active' compliance records.
  • If you wish to view 'Inactive' records within the registers, you may do so by filtering inactive records from the Filter area within the registers.
  • If you clear the default ‘Active/Inactive’ filter from the Filter area, the application will display all records including the inactive records.
  • Email notifications configured under Camms.Risk Compliance Menu > Framework > Compliance Settings > Notifications, will only apply to active Compliance Obligation/Authority Document, and Policy Records.

Note: By default, only active Compliance records will be displayed in the Compliance tab of the Dashboard (accessed via Workspace > Dashboard).