Camms is pleased to bring you the Quarterly Product Release Note for Camms.Risk.

This quarter we've got an exciting new feature and enhancement to improve your user experience within the system, which will be available in your Test environment on 11th June 2022 and will be available in your Live instance on 25th June 2022.

Introducing additional Risk Commentary fields in the Executive Risk Report

The Executive Risk Report will now be enhanced to display all Risk Review Commentary fields within the Risk List section. You will have the ability to control the visibility of these Commentary fields via the new Risk Comment multi-select dropdown within the filter page.

  • The new multi-select dropdown filter 'Risk Comment' will be introduced in the report filter page, comprising the four standard Risk Comments, where you will be able to select the required Risk Comment type(s), to be included in the report. 
  • By default, the report will include only the 'Risk Owner Comment'. Upon selection of the 'Show All' option, all Comment types will be retrieved to the report.

Figure 1.1: Report filter page


  • Only the standard Risk Comment types that are enabled as 'Visible' within the system under 'Risk Settings', will be displayed in the filter dropdown.
  • Risk Owner Comments
  • Previous 6 months highlights 
  • Management Comments
  • Next 6 months planned

Figure 1.2: Risk settings – Review commentary standard fields

  • If the standard field names are changed/renamed and if there aren't any fields found in the label replacements as ‘Risk Owner Comments’, then the default behaviour in such a situation, will be changed to ‘Show All’.
  • With this modification, three (3) additional rows will be added in the 'Risk List' section to indicate the standard commentary fields, depicting all Risk commentaries as per the selection, within the Risk Comment filter.
  • If a particular comment is selected from the filter, and if there is no data in the application for that selected comment type, that respective row will be hidden from the report.

Figure 1.3: Risk list section with all risk commentary types